Top 1000 Chinese Baby Boy Names with Meaning – 2023

Top 1000 Chinese Baby Boy Names with Meaning – 2023 - Baby boy laying in bed with his Chinese father and mother
Baby boy laying in bed with his Chinese father and mother

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that carries cultural significance. Chinese names often reflect meaningful symbols, aspirations, and values. In this article, we present the top 1000 Chinese baby boy names with meanings for the year 2023. Delve into this extensive list and discover a name that resonates with your family’s heritage and captures the essence of your child’s future.

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Top 1000 Chinese Baby Boy Names with Meaning – 2023

AbdulKnowledge, Servant of the Lord
AbdullahServant of Allah, One who Serves the God
AbeFather of a Multitude, Breath
AbelBreath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child
AbramExalted Father
AceUnity, First-rate, Number One
AdamRed Earth, First Human Being
AdelardBrave Noble, Noble and Courageous
AdolfNoble Majesty Wolf
AdolfoNoble Person, Noble Wolf
AdolphNoble Wolf
AdolphusNoble Wolf
AdonisMan Loved by Aphrodite, God of Love
AdyA Noble or Kind Person in Community
AgustinGreat, Magnificent, Worthy of Respect
AkeemOriginating from God, Wise
AlanGod of Shine, Handsome, Cheerful, Rock
AlbanFrom Alba, A City on a White Hill
AlbertNoble and Bright, Highborn, Brilliant
AlbertoHigh-born, Brilliant, Nobly Famous
AlbinWhite, Old English for Brilliant
AldenOld and Wise Protector, Defender
AldoOld, Wise, Archaic, Noble
AlecAbbreviation of Alexander
AlejandroDefender, Protector of Mankind
AlekForm of Alexander
AlessandroDefender of Man, Man’s Defender
AlexForm of Alexander
AlexandreFrench Form of Alexander
AlexandroDefender, Protector of Mankind
AlexisDefender of Mankind, Helper
AlfCounsel from the Elves, Elf
AlfieCounsel from the Elves, Ready for Battle
AlfonsoNoble and Eager, Eager, Noble
AlfonzoReady for a Fight, Noble and Ready
AlfredWise Counsellor, Name of a King
AlfredoWise Counsellor, Sage
AliGod, Excellent, Noble, Sublime, Light, Lofty
AllanHarmony, Stone, Noble, Fair, Little Rock
AllisonSon of the Highborn
AloisFamous Warrior
AlonzoEager for Battle, Ready for a Fight
AlphaFirst Letter of the Greek Alphabet
AlphonseEager, Ready for Battle
AlphonsoReady for a Fight, Noble and Ready
AltonFrom the Old Town, Ella’s Town
AlvaNoble Friend, Elf, Brilliance, Brightness
AlvaroElf Army, Truth-speaker, Guardian, Wise, Elf
AlvieNoble Friend, Diminutive of Alvin
AlvinNoble Friend, A City on a White Hill
AmadeoLoved by God
AmadoLoving Deity, Loved by God, Beloved
AmielPeople of God
AndersManly, Priceless, Brave, Warrior
AndreasBrave, Of a Man, Warrior, Masculine, Manly
AndresManly, Warrior, Masculine, Brave
AndrewManly, Masculine, Warrior, Manly and Strong
AndreyStrong and Manly, Masculine, Man, Warrior
AndyManly, Brave, Variant of Andrew
AnselGod’s Protection, Follower of a Nobleman
AnselmoDivine Protection, God’s Helmet
AntoineInestimable, Highly Praiseworthy
AntonPriceless, Highly Praiseworthy, Invaluable
AntoneWorthy of Praise, Of Value, Beyond Price
AntonioHighly Praiseworthy
AntonyPriceless, Highly Praiseworthy
AntwanBeyond Price, Invaluable, Priceless
AnwarDevotee of God, Lustrous, Shiny, Brightest
AqibOne who Follows
ArdellFrom the Hare’s Dell
ArdenEagle Valley, Valley of the Eagle
AriLion, Brave, Inner Skin, Eagle, Lord Vishnu
AricRuler of All, Sacred Ruler, Ruler
ArleyMeadow of the Hares, Place Name
ArlieFrom the Hare’s Meadow
ArloFortified Hill, Hill, From the Army Hill
ArmandFrench Form of Herman, Army Man
ArmandoOf the Army, French Form of Herman
ArmondArmy Man, Soldier, French Form of Herman
ArnaldoForm of Arnold, Eagle, Eagle Ruler, Warrior
ArneEagle, Eagle Power, Powerful Eagle
ArnoShort Form Arnold, Diminutive of Arnold
ArnoldEagle Power, Powerful as an Eagle
ArnoldoThe Eagle Rules, Strong as an Eagle
ArtRock, Bear
ArthurNoble, Bear, Rock, Noble Strength, Stone
ArtisBear, Rock
ArturBear, Rock, Thor, The Eagle, Bear Like, Noble
ArturoNoble, Strong as a Bear, Bear, Stone
ArvidFriend of the People, Eagle of the Wood
ArvinFriend of the People, Experiment, Trial
AshleyMeadow of Ash Trees, Ash Tree Meadow
AshtonAsh Tree Enclosure
AudieOld Friend
AugustVenerable, Holy, Form of Augustus, Revered
AugustineMajestic, Dignity, Grandeur, Great
AustenVenerable, Majestic, Variant of Augustine
AustinGreat, Magnificent, Variant of Augustine
AustynMajestic, Variant of Augustine
AveryCounsel from the Elves
AvramOriginal Name of the Father of the People
AydenEnlightened, Bright
AyindeWe Gave Praises and He Came, From Yoruba
AylwinNoble Friend
BaiCypress, Landlord, Householder, White, Pure
BaileyAdministrator, Steward, Public Official
BarkleyFrom the Birch Tree Meadow, Place Name
BarneyFrom the Land that was Burned, Bear
BarrettBrave as a Bear, Bear-like, Bear-strength
BartFrom the Barley Farm, Place Name
BartholomeSon of a Farmer
BenedictBlessed, Happy
BenitoBlessed, Similar to Latin Benedict
BenjaminBorn of the Right Hand
BennBorn of the Right Hand
BennettLittle Blessed One, Blessed
BennieBorn of the Right Hand
BennyBorn of the Right Hand, Form of Benjamin
BentonSettlement in a Grassy Place
BerkeFrom the Birch Tree Meadow, Form of Burke
BernardBrave as a Bear, Bear, Courageous, Strong
BernardoBear, Courageous, Strong, Brave Bear
BernhardBear, Courageous, Brave Like a Bear
BernieGrim Bear, Bear, Courageous
BerryBotanical Name
BertBright, Highborn, Brilliant, Day-bright
BertonFrom the Fortified Town, Place Name
BertramBright Raven, Wise Person
BertrandIntelligent, Glorious Raven
BillResolute Protector, Form of William
BillieResolute Protector, Will-helmet, Will
BillyResolute Protector, Form of William
BimingAs clear as jade
BingSoldier, Ice, Form of Bingham, Crib
BishopOverseer, A Bishop
BlaiseStammerer, Lisp, Stutter, One who Stammers
BlakeDark Complexioned, Pale Skinned, Dark, Pale
BlazeStammerer, Lisp, Stutter, A Flame
BoA form of beau, Wave-like
BobBright, Form of Robert, Bright Famous One
BobbyBright Fame, Abbreviation of Robert
BodieA Shelter
BojanWar, Battle
BradBroad, From the Broad Meadow
BradenBroad Hillside, Salmon
BradfordWide River-crossing
BradleyDweller at the Broad Meadow
BradyDweller on the Broad Island, Wide Island
BradynFrom the Broad Valley
BraedenFrom the Dark Valley, Broad Hillside
BraedonBroad Hillside
BramBramble, Raven, Father of Many
BrandanBeacon Hill, Sword, Name of a Saint
BrandenBeacon on the Hill, Gorse-covered Hill
BrandonBeacon Hill, Sword, Broom Covered Hill
BransonBeacon Hill, Sword, Broom Covered Hill
BrantProud, Firebrand, Sword, Blade, Burn
BrantleyProud, Firebrand, Sword
BraxtonBrock’s Town, Bracc’s Settlement
BraydenBroad Hillside
BraydonBroad Hillside
BrendenLittle Raven, Prince, Variant of Brendan
BrendtHilltop, Variant of Brent
BrentHilltop, Burnt, Steep Hill, Mount
BrentonHilltop, Mount, Variant of Brent
BrettFrom Britain, A Breton, Native of Brittany
BrianStrong, Honourable, Strength, High, Noble
BrockStream, Badger
BromleyFrom the Broom Covered Meadow
BronsonBrown’s Son, Son of the Dark-skinned One
BrookA Small Stream, Near the Stream or Brook
BrooksSon of Brooke, Running Water
BrownBrown, Colour Name, Russet-complected
BruceWoods, Brewer, From the Brushwood Thicket
BryanHonourable, Form of Brian, Strength, Noble
BrycenNobleman, Quick-moving, Speckled
BrysonSon of the Strong One, Variant of Bryce
BuckA Stag, Male Deer
BuddyHerald, Messenger, Friend, Companion
BurtFrom the Fortified Town, Form of Burton
BurtonFrom the Fortified Town, Place Name
ByronPlace Name, Barn for Cows
CadeRound, Lumpy, Gentle, Barrel-maker
CadenBarrel, Fighter, The Spirit of Battle
CaesarForm of Cesar, Long Haired, Hairy, Hirsute
CaleDog, Bold, Surname Derived from Charles
CallanBattle, Rock, Descendant of Cathalan
CallumDove, Similar to Malcolm
CamronBent Nose, Crooked Nose
CarlMan, Free Man, Farmer
CarloStrong, Man, Strong and Masculine
CarltonSettlement of Free Men, Place Name
CarringtonPlace Name and Surname, Beautiful
CarsonMossy Place, Son of the Marsh-dwellers
CarterTransporter of Goods with a Cart
CedricBattle Chieftain, War Leader, Chief
CeinAncient, Archaic
CesarHairy, Long Haired, Variant of Caesar
ChadOf Great Love, Warrior, Warlike
ChaddFierce, Protector
ChadwickPlace Name, The Fighter’s Settlement
ChaimLife, Crooked
ChanceGood Fortune, Chief Secretary
ChandlerMaker of Candles, Candle-maker
CharlesManly, Strong, Free Man, Full-grown, A Man
CharlieHandsome, Manly, Form of Charles, Strong
ChaseHuntsman, Hunter
ChaunceyChurch Official, Chancellor, A Gamble
ChenGreat, Vast, Morning, Break of the day
ChesterCamp of Soldiers, Fort
ChuckStrong and Manly, Form of Charles, Man
ChuckieStrong, Manly
ClarenceClear, Luminous, Famous
ClarkClergyman, Cleric, Occupational Name
ClaudioLame, Disabled, Limping
ClaySettlement by the Clay Pit
ClaytonSettlement by the Clay Pit
ClementMerciful, Mild, Gentle, Giving Mercy
CliffordFord Near the Cliff, Name of a Place
CliftonFrom a Town Near a Cliff
ClintSettlement Near the Headland
ClintonSettlement Near the Headland Settlement on a Hill
CliveCliff, Slope, Bank
CobySupplanter, Variant of Coburn
ColbyDark, Dark Haired, Coal Village
ColeDarkly Complexioned, Coal
ColemanDark Skinned, Charcoal Burner
ColinVictory of the People, Young Boy
ColtYoung Horse, Frisky, From the Dark Town
ColtenCoal Town
ColtonCoal Town, Town of Colt-breeding
ConradExperienced Adviser, Honest Adviser, Brave
CooperBarrel Maker, Seller, Surname
CorbinRaven, Raven-haired, Dark as a Raven, Crow
CordellCord Maker, Settler of Cord
CorneliusLike a Horn, Strong Willed, Wise, Horned
CreedBelief, Guiding Principle
CristobalSpanish Form of Christopher Christ Bearer
CurtPolite, Courteous, Court-dweller
CurtisPolite, Courteous
CyrilKing, Lordly, Proud, Masterful
DaBig, Great, Achieve, Attainment, Big Strike
DainFrom Denmark, Brook
DakotaFriends, Forever Smiling, Allies
DallinFrom the Dale, Proud, Blind, A Saint’s Name
DaltonThe Settlement in the Valley, Place Name
DamienTo Tame, Subdues, Spirit, Subdue
DamirLove, Heart
DamonTo Tame, Constant, Spirit, Subdue, Blue Sky
DanGod is My Judge, Form of Daniel
DanielGod is My Judge, My Judge is the Lord
DannyForm of Daniel, God is My Judge
DanteEnduring, Lasting
DarianGreat, Wealthy
DarinPrecious Present, Great
DarionGift, Similar to Darin
DarnellHidden Spot, From the Hidden Place, Secret
DarrellDarling, Form of Daryl, Dear
DarrinGreat, Form of Darren, Wealthy
DarrionGreat, Form of Darren
DarriusHe who Upholds the Good
DarroldBlend of Daryl and Harold or Gerald
DarrylDarling, Form of Daryl, Dear
DarwinDear Friend
DarylDarling, Dear, Beloved, A Town in Calvados
DavidBeloved One
DavinBeloved, Dear One, Bright Finn
DavionBrilliant Finn, Beloved
DavisSon of David, David’s Son, Dear One
DawsonBeloved, Son of David, David’s Son, Surname
DaytonSunny Town, Bright, Town of the Dale
DeanHollow, Valley, Church Official, Supervisor
DeclanMan of Prayer, The Name of an Irish Saint
DedricGifted Ruler, The People’s Ruler
DellFrom the Yew Tree Valley, Rich, Song
DemetriusOf the Earth, God of Fertility
DenisNamed for Saint Denys
DentonSettlement in the Valley
DenverGreen Valley
DenzelFrom Denzell, A Place-name in Cornwall
DeonAbbreviation of Dionysius
DeraldBlend of Daryl and Harold or Gerald
DereckRuler of the People, The People’s Ruler
DerekRuler of the People, The People’s Ruler
DerickRuler of the People, Gifted Ruler
DerrellDarling, Beloved, From Airel, Open
DerrickRuler of the People, Form of Derek, Ruler
DerwinFriend of the Deer, Gifted Friend
DevynPoet, English and American Place Name
DickRich and Powerful Ruler, Powerful
DimitriGod of the Harvest, Follower of Demeter
DionGod, Abbreviation of Dionysius
DirkRuler of the People, Form of Derek
DomenicLord, Child Born on Sunday
DominicBelonging to the Lord, Lord
DominickBelonging to God, Of the Lord
DominikLord, Child Born on Sunday
DonForm of Donald, Brown Stranger
DonavanBrown-haired Chieftain, Dark, Brown Haired
DonneWorld Ruler, Form of Donn
DonteTo Endure
DorianDescendant of Dorus, Gift of Isis
DrakeDragon, Male Duck, Snake
DuarteProsperous Guardian, Similar to Edward
DustinValiant Fighter, Brave Warrior
DustyValiant Fighter, Form of Dustin
DwayneFrom the Dunes, Dark, Black
EamonWealthy Defender, Wealthy Guardian
EarlNobleman, Chief, Leader, Warrior, Prince
EastonEastern Settlement, From East Town
EdgarWealthy Spear-man, Owner of Spear
EdisonSon of Adam, Handsome, Son of Edward
EdmondProsperous Protector, Wealthy Defender
EduardoWealthy Guardian, Wealthy Defender, Wealth
EdwardWealthy Guardian, Guardian of Prosperity
EdwinProsperous Friend, Valued, Wealthy Friend
EganArdent, Fiery, Forceful
ElbertHigh-born, Brilliant, Shining, Bright
EliUplifted, Elevation, The Lord will Help
ElianGod is Family, The Lord is My God
EliasThe God is My Lord, Jehovah is God
EliezerHelp, Court, Of My God, God has Helped
ElijahBeautyful, Sweet, Smart, Loving
ElishaGod is My Salvation
ElleryFrom the Elder Tree Island
ElliotBelieves in God, Form of Elijah
ElliottJehovah is God, Form of Elijah
EllisThe Lord is My God, Kind, Form of Elijah
ElmerNoble, Famous, High-born and Renowned
ElmoGod-helmet, Protector, Descendant, Amiable
ElroyKing, Red-haired Youth
ElvinNoble Friend, Magical, Elfin
ElvisAll Knowing, All Wise
EmanuelGod is with us, With us is God
EmersonIndustrious Ruler, Emery’s Son, Brave
EmileEager to Please, Industrious
EnriqueEstate Ruler, Ruler of the Estate
ErasmoFriendly, Loved, Lovable
EricRuler, Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful
ErickRuler, Ruler of the People, Peaceful Ruler
ErnestSincere, Serious Battle to the Death
ErnestoSincere, A Son, Serious, See, Determined
EstebanCrowned, Crowned in Victory
EstevanCrowned, Variant of Stephen
EugeneNoble, Born Lucky, Well-born
EverStrong as a Boar, Passover
EverettStrong as a Wild Boar, Wild Boar
EwaldPowerful, Powerful in the Law
EzraSalvation, Helper
FabriceWorks with the Hands, Craftsman
FabrizioWorks with the Hands, Craftsman
FahadPanther, Lynx
FahimWise, Learned, Prudent, Sagacious
FanPattern, Model
FangFrom the Sheep Pen
FedericoItalian Form of Frederick, Peaceful Ruler
FelipeFriend of Horses, Spanish Form of Phillip
FelixFortunate, Happy, Name of a Saint, Lucky
FernandoAdventurous and Risky, Brave Traveler
FilipeLover of Horses
FlemmingFrom the Valley, Man from the Lowlands
FletcherMaker of Arrows, Arror Featherer
FlorentinoBlooming, Flower
ForrestWoodsman, Of the Woods, Forest
FortunatoLucky, Fortunate
FoxLeader, Creative, Epic, Awesome
FrancisFree, French Man, A Man Form France
FrankFree, Free Landholder, Javelin, Spear
FrankieFree, Diminutive of Frank Free
FranklinFree Landowner, Land Holder
FransFrench Man, A Man from France
FranzA Free Man, French Man, A Man from France
FraserCurly Hair, French Town
FredForm of Frederick, Peace, Peaceful Ruler
FreddyForm of Frederick, Peace
FrederickPeaceful Ruler, Elf, Magical Counsel
FredrickPeaceful Ruler
GabrielChristian, God is My Strength
GaetanThe One Who is From Gaeta, Italy
GageMeasure, A Pledge, Oath
GaigeSurety, Pledge, Moneylender
GarethStrong Spear, Spear Brave, Spear Champion
GarettMighty with a Spear, Rules by the Spear
GarinGuardian, Mighty with a Spear, Grace
GaronGuardian, Gelding, Mighty with a Spear
GarretMighty with a Spear, To Watch, Spear Brave
GarrettMighty with a Spear, Strong Spear
GarrisonSpear Fortified Town, Son of Garret
GaryMighty with a Spear, Spear Carrier
GastonMan from Gascony, My God has Answered Me
GeoffreyDivine Peace, Peace, Peaceful Traveller
GeorgeEarth Worker, Farmer, A Tiller of the Soil
GeraldMighty with a Spear, Spear Warrior
GerardSpear Strong, Spear-brave
GerardoBrave with a Spear, Spear Hard
GermanWarrior, Brotherly, From Germany, Brother
GiancarloGod’s Gracious Gift
GianniThe Lord is Gracious, Knowledgeable
GilFrench Form of Julius, Shining Pledge
GilbertIllustrious Pledge, Trusted
GiovaniGod has Shown Favor, Similar to John
GiovanniGift from God, The Lord is Gracious
GlennValley, Valley in the Mountains, From Glen
GlynnGlen is a Narrow Valley Between Hills
GordonHill Near the Meadow
GrahamWarring, Warlike, Gray Homestead
GrantGreat Plains, Tall, Big, Large
GraysonSon of the Gray-haired Man
GregVigilant Watchman, Fierce, Watchful
GreggVigilant Watchman, Form of Gregory
GregoryVigilant Watchman, Watchful, Alert
GreysonSon of the Gray-haired Man
GuadalupePlenty, River of the Wolf
GunnerBattle Warrior
GusForm of Gustave, Staff of the Gods, Sole
GustavoStaff of the Goths, Form of Gustave
GuyGuide, Staff of the God, Warrior, Wood
HadenFrom the Heather Covered Hill
HaiRiver, Sea, Two, Second
HamiltonBeautiful Mountain
HamzaLion, Strong, Sour Leaves, Smart, Steadfast
HanBrave, Fierce, God is Gracious, A Rooster
HandleyFrom the High Meadow
HanselGift from God, The Lord is Gracious
HarleyFrom the Hare’s Meadow
HarmonMan of the Army, Army Man, Noble
HaroldArmy-power, Army Ruler, Leader of an Army
HarrisonSon of Harry
HarveyArmy Warrior, Battle Worthy
HasimDefinite, Decisive, Generosity
HassanGood, Handsome, Beautiful
HaydenFrom the Hedged in Valley
HectorSteadfast, Anchor, Holds Fast, Star
HelderSilver Voice, Hell’s Door
HendrikEstate Ruler
HenryRuler of the Enclosure, Estate Ruler
HerbertIllustrious Warrior, Excellent Army, Ruler
HoldenFrom the Hollow Valley, Kindly, Gracious
HolgerIsland, Spear Head
HoustonFrom Hugh’s Town, Place-name and Surname
HowardWatchman, Guardian of the Home, High Guard
HuangBright yellow
HudsonHugh’s Son, Son of the Hooded Man
HughBright Mind, Bright in Mind and Spirit
HugoBright Mind, Mind, Spirit, Form of Hugh
HuiBrightness, Intelligent
HumbertoIntelligent, Bright, Famous Giant
HunterA Huntsman, Hunter
HuySending Light out, Brightness
IanGod is Gracious
IgnacioFiery, Ardent, Burning
IgorSon of the Famous One, Farmer, Protector
IkeLaughter, He will Laugh, Form of Isaac
InigoArdent, Burning
IoanGift from God
IrvingHandsome and Fair, Green Water / River
IsaacLaughing One, Laughter, He will Laugh
IsaakLaughter, He will Laugh, Joyful, Cheerful
IsaiasSalvation of Jehovah, God’s Helper
IsmaelA Prophet’s Name, Prophet, He Hears
IsraelContender with God, God Perseveres
IssacLaughter, He will Laugh, Joyful
JabariBrave, Strong Hearted, Courageous, Fearless
JaceMoon, Nickname
JackGod is Gracious, Son of Jack
JackieGod has been Gracious, Has Shown Favor
JacksonGod is Gracious, Son of Jack
JacobSupplanter, Held by the Heel, Heel Grabber
JadenThe Precious Stone, Jehovah has Heard
JadonGod has Heard
JaedenThankful, God will Judge
JaggerHunter, A Teamster, Strong, Loyal
JaiVictory, Conqueror, Winning
JairLight, Who Diffuses Light
JairoJehovah Enlightens, Similar to the Jairus
JakeSupplanter, Held by the Heel
JakobHe who Supplants, Holder of Heels
JalenCalm or Serene
JalonTarrying, Murmuring, God Lodges
JamarHandsome, Happy, Healthy
JamelHandsome, Grace
JamesSupplanter, Jimmy, Variant of Jacob
JamesonSupplanter, Son of James
JamieSupplanter, One who Supplants
JamisonSupplanter, Son of James, Variant of Jacob
JanSupplanter, The Lord is Gracious
JaquanOne Who is Raised by God
JarellMighty Spearman, Blend of Jar and Darell
JarenTo Sing
JaronTo Sing, To Cry out, Singing
JarredVariant of the French Name Gervaise
JarrettMighty Spearman, Spear Brave
JarrodSpear Strong
JarvisSpearman, Driver, With Honor
JasonHealer, The Lord is Salvation
JasperGuardian of Treasure who Guards the Treasure
JavonSon of Japheth, Created Names
JaxonGod has been Gracious, Son of Jack
JayceA Healing
JaydenGod has Heard, Thankful, God will Judge,
JaydonJehovah has Heard, A Biblical Name
JeanGod is Merciful, John, God is Gracious
JeffDivinely Peaceful, Form of Jeffrey
JeffersonSon of Jeffrey
JefferyDivinely Peaceful
JeffreyDivinely Peaceful, Peaceful Gift
JensenJehovah has been Gracious
JeremiahGod will Uplift, Exalted of the Lord
JeromeOf Holy Name, Sacred
JesseWealthy, Lord Exists, Blessing of God
JesusGod will Help, The Lord is Salvation
JettA Deep, Glossy Black, Jet Black Gem
JevonCreated Name
JezUnmarried, Chaste
JiLucky, Fierce, Wisdom, Emperor
Jiao-longLooks like a dragon
JimSupplanter, Holder of Heels, Form of James
JimmySupplanter, God May Protect
Jing-shengCity born
JoanGod is Gracious
JoaquinGod will Judge, God will Establish
JoeGod will Add, Form of Joseph
JoeyForm of Joseph
JohnGod is Merciful, Gift of God
JohnathanJehovah has Given, Manliness, Generosity
JohnathonJehovah has Given, Manliness, Generosity
JohnnieVariant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been Gracious
JohnnyVariant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been Gracious
JohnsonSon of John, Variant of the John
JomarA Combination of Joseph and Mary
JonThe Lord is Gracious, God has Given
JonasDove, He that Oppresses, Destroyer
JonathanGift of Jehovah, Yahweh has Given
JonathonJehovah has Given, Gift of God
JonnyGod has Given, Gift of God, Form of John
JoostJust, Fair
JordanTo Flow Down, Down-flowing
JordenDown Flowing, Similar to Hebrew Jordan
JordonDown Flowing, Descend
JordyTo Flow Down, Descend, Down Flowing
JorgeFarmer, A Tiller of the Soil
JorgenFarmer, Earth Worker
JoseMay God Give Increase
JosefGod will Increase, God will Add
JosephGod will Increase, Jehova Increases
JoshHappiness, Form of Joshua
JoshuaJehovah Saves, The Lord is Salvation
JosiahJehovah has Healed, Fire of the Lord
JosueGod is Salvation
JuLord Narasimha Swami, God
Ju-longAs powerful as a dragon
JudahThe Praise of the Lord, Confession
JudeName of Saint, Praised, Thanks
JulianYouthful, Down-bearded Youth, Jove’s Child
JulienJove’s Child, Youthful, Soft Bearded, Youth
JulioDowny Bearded, Youthful
JuliusYouthful, Downy, Soft and Tender Hair
JuniorNickname for a Son Named After the Father
JusticeUpright and Righteous
JustisJust, Fair Minded, Fair, Righteous
JustusJust, Upright, Fair, Righteous
KadenCompanion, Little Battle
KadinCompanion, Friend
KaiEarth, Victorious, Brave with Spear
KameronForm of Cameron Crooked Nose
KarlFarmer, Free Man, Strong and Masculine, Man
KaydenRound, Gentle, Cask, Companion, Friend
KeatonWhere Hawks Fly, Settlement on the Bank
KeltonTown of the Keels
KelvinFrom the Narrow River, River Man
KenHandsome, Form of Kenneth
KendallValley of the River Kent
KendrickRoyal Ruler, Fearless Leader, Son of Henry
KennyHandsome, The Valley of the Kent
KentBright, White, Edge, Border, Chief
KerrA Marshland, From the Swampy Place
KeshawnGod is Gracious
KevinLittle Gentle One, Lovable, Handsome
KeyanHeart, God is Gracious, Crown, King
KeyonGuiding, Leading
KhalidImmortal, Everlasting, Eternal
KhaliqCompetent, Well Disposed
KhurramDelightful, Happy
KingsleyFrom the King’s Wood or Meadow
KipFrom the Pointed Hill
KirkDweller by the Church, Church
KobyDark-haired, Supplanter, Held by the Heel
KoltonCoal Town
KonstantinResolute, Steadfast, Constant
KorbinRaven-haired, A Raven
KorriganSpearman, Surname
KristianChrist Bearer, Follower of Christ
KusumbaFlower Kind
KyleNarrow, Channel, Strait, Near the Chapel
LaiThe Beloved One
LamontLawyer, Law Man, Man of Law
LanceLand, A Lance, A Light Spear
LandonOpen Grassy Meadow, Ridge, Long Hill
LaneA Narrow Country Road
LangLong, Wave, Tall Man
LarryCrowned with Laurels, Form of Lawrence
LaurieFrom Laurentium, Laurel
LawrenceCrowned with Laurels, Form of Lawrence
LawsonSon of Law or Lawrence
LaynePath, From the Narrow Road
LaytonHerb Garden, A Place Name
LeiThunder, Upright
LeifBeloved, Descendant, Heir
LelandFrom the Meadow Land, Land Lying Fellow
LenBrave as a Lion, Lion-bold, Flute
LennieBrave as a Lion, Abbreviation of Leonard
LennyAbbreviation of Leonard, Lion-bold
LeoBrave, Lion-bold, Brave People, Lion-man
LeonBrave as a Lion
LeonardBrave as a Lion, Lion-bold, Like a Lion
LeonardoBrave as a Lion, Lion-bold, Bold Lion
LeonelYoung Lion, Lion
LesterFortified Place, From Leicester
LeviUnited, Combined, Attached
LewisFamous, Renowned Warrior, Form of Louis
LianHonest, Lotus
LienLotus Flower
LinVoice, Lives by the Linden Tree Hill
LincolnSettlement by the Pool, Lake Colony
LinkLake Colony, From the Bank
LionelYoung Lion, Form of Leonard, Like a Lion
LiuA Voice, Willow
LloydGray, Sacred, Grey Haired
LokHappy, Universe
LondonThe Capital of the United Kingdom
LongDragon, Grand
LorenzLaurel, Man from Laurentum
LorenzoLaurel-crowned, From Laurentium
LorryFrom Laurentium
LouRenowned Warrior, Form of Louis
LouisFamous Warrior, Renowned Warrior
LucaLight, Man from Lucania, Bringer of Light
LucasBringer of Light
LucianoLight, Illumination, Form of Luke
LudwigRenowned Warrior, Famous Warrior
LuisFamous Warrior, Renowned Warrior
LukasLight, A Region of Southern Italy
LukeLight Giving, Light, Bringer of Light
LutherFamous Warrior, Famous in Battle
LyleIslander, From the Island
LyndonLives by the Linden Tree Hill, Flexible
MaLegend, Horse, Talented
MacSon of, Taken from Mackenzie, Greatest
MacaA Person Who is Happy and Cultured
MackenzieChild of the Wise Leader, Fair
MagnusGreat, Large
MalachiMessenger of God, My Angel
MalakaiMessenger of God, Angel
MalakiMy Messenger, My Angel, Messenger of God
MannyA Form of Emmanuel God is with us
MarcWarlike, From the God Mars, Form of Mark
MarcelMars, The Roman God of War
MarcoWarlike, Mars, From the God Mars
MarcosWarlike, From the God Mars, Of Mars
MarcusWar-like, Mars, The Roman God of War
MarianoManly, Warrior God, Bitter, Rebellious
MarioOf the Sea or Sailor, Bitter, King-ruler
MarkWar-like, Mars, From the God Mars
MarkelOf Mars, The God of War
MarkusMars, Roman God of War, Of Mars
MarshallSteward, Horse-keeper, Steward of Horses
MartinFrom the God Mars, War-like
MartinusWarrior of Mars, Warlike
MartynWar Like, Warrior of Mars
MarvinSea Lover, Friend of the Sea
MasonArchitect, Stone Worker
MateoGift of the Lord, God’s Gift
MattGift of God, Short Form of Matthew
MatteoGift of the Lord
MatthewGift of the Lord, Gift of God and Bear
MauriceDark-skinned, Moorish
MauricioDark-skinned, Moorish
MaxBy the Great Stream
MaximThe Greatest, Form of Maximilian, Great
MaximilianGreatest, The Greatest Rival
MaxwellDweller by the Spring, From Maccus’s Pool
MerwinLover of the Sea, Sea Lover, Mariner
MicahWho is Like God, Poor, Humble
MicaiahWho is Like God
MichealWho is Like God, Like the Lord
MichelWho is Like God, Form of Michael Like God
MickWho is Like God, Form of Michael
MickaelWho Like a God
MickeyWho is Like God, Form of Michael
MiguelWho is Like God, Like the Lord
MikeWho is Like God, Form of Michael
MikhailWish, Who is Like God
MikolaVictory of the People
MilesMerciful, Servant, Peaceful, Soldier
MillardOne who Grinds Grain
MiloMerciful, Peaceful, Calm, Mild
MiltonSettlement, Town, Settlement by the Mill
MinFish, Shy, Truthful, Clever, Sharp
MitchGreat Warrior, Who is Like God
MitchelWho is Like God, Form of Michael Like God
MitchellWho is Like God, Form of Michael Like God
MohamedPerson with No Fault
MohsenOne who does Good
MontgomeryFrom the Wealthy Man’s Mountain
MontyFrom the Wealthy Man’s Mountain
MorganSea Circle, Bright Sea, White Sea Dweller
MosesDrawn out of the Water, Saved, Child
MosheDrawn out of the Water
MylesMerciful, Inventor of the Corn Mill
NashDweller by the Ash Tree, Adventurer, Cliff
NasirDefender, Supporter, Success, Protector
NathanaelGift of God, God has Given
NathanialGift of God, God has Given
NathenGod has Given
NealChampion, Blue, Lord Shiva (Blue Throat)
NehemiahGod has Comforted, God’s Compassion
NelsonSon of a Champion
NemoFrom the Glen
neoGift, New
NestorWisdom, Voyager, Traveller Wisdom
NickVictory of the People
NickolasVictory of the People, People’s Victory
NicoVictory of the People
NicolasConquerer of the People
NikLord, Abbreviation of Nicholas
NikhleshKind King
NikoVictory of the People
NixonAbbreviation of Nicholas
NizamKing, Discipliner, Arranger, Administration
NoahRest, Comfort, Wanderer, Peaceful, Repose
NoeRest, Comfort, Peaceful from Noah
NoelChristmas, Born on Christmas Day
NormanSurname, Northerner, Man from the North
NunoGrand Father
NyleChampion, Desire, Island, Cloud, Passionate
ObedA Servant, Workman, Servant of God, Serving
OctavioEighth Child
OlegHoly, Sacred, Blessed, Prosperous
OlinHolly, Ancestor
OliverOlive Tree, Elf Army
OmariThe Highest of Muhammads Followers
OrlandoRenowned in the Land, From a Famous Land
Osaa bear; brilliant; bright; surname
OscarGod’s Spear, Dear Friend, Lover of Deer
OsvaldoDivine Power, God Power / Rule
OswaldoDivine Power
ParkerGamekeeper of a Park, Forest Ranger
PatrickNobleman, Patrician
PaxtonPeaceful Town, Trader, Town of Peace
PaynePagan, Countryman
PaytonA Town, Village, Warrior’s Estate
PedroStone, A Rock, Form of Peter, Rock, Strong
PepperFrom the Pepper Plant
PeterRock, Stone, River, Strong
PeytonWarrior’s Town, From the Fighter’s Farm
PhilipWarlike, Loves Horses, Horse Lover
PhillipOne of the Biblical 12 Apostles
PhillipeHorse Lover
PhoenixBright, Red
PierceRock, Form of Peter, Stone
PierreStone, A Rock, Form of Peter, Horse Lover
PieterA Rock, Form of Peter, Stone
PorterOne who Carries Goods, Gatekeeper
PrestonThe Priest’s Village, Priest’s Town
PrinceKing, Principal One
QiangStrong man
QingTo be clear
QiuAutumn in Chinese
QuinnWisdom, Chief, Wise, Counsel, Reason
QuintonFifth, Surname, Variant of Quentin Fifth
RaddieTo be determined
RalphWolf Counsellor, Wise Protector, Wise Wolf
RandallShield Wolf
RandolphHouse Wolf, Strong Defender, Shield Wolf
RandyWolf’s Shield, Strong Defender
RashawnCombination of the Prefix RA with the Name Shawn
RaymondGuards Wisely, Strong Defender
RaymundoGuards Wisely, Protecting Hands
ReginaldPowerful Ruler, Counsel Power
ReidA Ruddy Complexion, Red Haired, Surname
RemingtonFrom the Raven Farm
RenRaven, Benevolent, Edge of a Knife, Tough
ReneReborn, Form of Reginald, Counsel Power
ReubenA Son, Behold, Sea of Bitterness
ReyKing, Regal, Red, Royal
RhettSpeaker, Enthusiastic, Stream, Advice
RhysEnthusiasm, Rash, Ardent, Fiery, Zealous
RichRich and Powerful Ruler, Form of Richard
RichardBrave One, Strong Ruler
RickRich and Powerful Ruler, War Leader
RickardRich and Powerful Ruler, Powerful
RickeyRich, Powerful Ruler, Dominant Ruler
RigobertoBright Fame
RileyBrave, Courageous, Valiant
RiverFlowing Water
RobertBright with Fame, Famed, Bright, Shining
RobertoBright with Fame, Wide Fame
RobertsonBright with Fame, Son of Robert, Famed
RoccoRest, Battle Cry
RockyDweller by the Rock
RoderickFamous Power, Glory
RodneyIsland Clearing
RodolfoFamous Wolf
RodrigoFamous Ruler
RogelioFamous Warrior, Renowned Spear-man
RogerFamous Warrior, Renowned Spearman
ROIKing, Red
RolandFamous Land Owner, Renowned in the Land
RolandoFamous Land, Renowned in the Land
RomanCitizen of Roman, Man from Rome
RomeoPilgrim to Rome, Citizen of Rome
RonJoy, Rules with Good Judgment, Song of Joy
RonaldRules with Good Judgement, Counsel Power
RonaldoRules with Counsel, Form of Ronald
RongHonourable, Glorious, Flourish, Harmonious
RoscoeDeer Wood, From the Deer Forest
RossRed Haired, Headland, Red, Surname, Wood
RowanFrom the Rowan Tree, Red-haired
RowdyDangerous, Loud, Spirited
RuLeader, Soul, God, Good, Scholar
RudyFamous Wolf, Russet, Ginger
RussellFox, Reddish, Red-head, Red Skinned
RyanKing, Little King, Little Ruler, Kingly
RyderKnight, Horseman, One who Rides
RykerBecoming Rich, Surname Form of Richard
RylanIsland Meadow, Dweller at the Rye Land
RyleeRye Clearing, From Riley, Valiant
SabastianFrom Sebaste, Revered
SageWise One, Healthy, Profound Wisdom
SammyAsked of God, Told by God, God Heard
SamsonBright as the Sun, Sun Child, Like the Sun
SanderDefender of Man, Man’s Defender
SangMulberry, Bright, Noble, Mutual
SantiagoSaint James, Supplanter, Saint Iago
SantosA Saint, Holy, The New House, Form of Santo
SavionCombination of Xavier and Flavian
SawyerWood Carver, Wood Worker
SaxonSword, Swordsman, Knife, Single Edged Knife
ScotFrom Scotland, Form of Scott, A Scotsman
ScottFrom Scotland, A Scotsman, From
SeanThe Lord is Gracious, God is Gracious
SebastianMan from Sebaste
SelimSafe, Sound, Peace
SergioAttendant, Servant
SeverianoSteel Blue Color, Stern, Severe
ShadHappy, Battle
ShaeCourteous, Similar to Shea
ShahbazPrince, White Falcon, King of Falcons
ShamarReady for Battle
ShanPride, Prestige, Famous, Respected, Dignity
ShaneThe Lord is Gracious, God is Gracious
ShaunGod Gave, The Lord is Gracious
SheaAdmirable, Hawk-like, Fine
SheldonFrom the Hill on the Ledge
SheltonFrom the Town on a Ledge
ShermanSheerer, Servant, Shear Man
ShiKing, Lord Shiva
ShouDefend, Guard
ShuoBright, Shining
SiGod has heard
SidneyFrom Saint Denis
SilasFrom the Forest or Woods, Three, The Third
SkylarScholar, Shield, Protection, Learned One
SkylerScholar, Shield, Protection, Learned One
SlaterRoof Slater
SpencerDispenser of Provisions, Dispenser
SpikeLong, Heavy Nail, Spike
SpiroRound Basket, Spirit
StanislasFame, Glory, Careful, Thoughtful
StefanWreath, Similar to, Form of Steven, Crowned
SteffanGarland, Crown, Wreath, Similar to Stephen
StephenTo Wear a Crown, Wreath, Garland, Crowned
StephonCrown, Wreath
SterlingOf High Quality, Pure, Genuine, First-rate
StevenWreath, Crowned
StoneDry Measure for Grain Equal to 10 Dou
SuPlain, Respectful, Lord Shiva, God
SufyanThe Best, Pride
SunBending, Decreasing, The Sun
SuttonThe Town to the South
SyedFortunate, Blissful, Lucky, Happy
TadPraise, Heart, Courageous and Praise
TalonFast, Claw, Sharp
TaoPeach, Longevity, Great Waves
TarekPiercing Star, Coming at Night
TarikuThe events surrounding his birth
TateTo be Cheerful, Great, Measure of Land
TaylorTo Cut, Tailor, One who Cuts Cloth
TedGift of God, Wealthy Spearman
TeddyGift of God, Form of Theodore, Divine Gift
TerranOf the Earth, Earth
TerranceSmooth, Roman Clan Name, Soft, Tender
TerrenceSmooth, Tender, Form of Terence, Gracious
TerrySmooth, Ruler of the People
ThayneKnight’s Attendant, Follower, Land Holder
TheoGift of God, Bold People
TheodoreGod’s Gift, Divine Gift, Gift of God
ThierryFrench Given Name from an Older Germanic Name
ThoLongevity, Long Living
ThurstonThor’s Stone
TimOne who Honors God, To Fear God
TimmyOne who Honours God, Form of Timothy
TinoSteadfast, Constant, Small
TitusGiant, New Testament Character
TobiasThe Lord is Good
TobyLord is Good, Goodness of the Lord
TobynThe Lord is Good
TomTwin, Form of Thomas, Honest
TomasTwin, A Form of Thomas
TommyTwin, Form of Thomas
TonioHighly Praiseworthy, From Anthony
TonyWorthy of Praise, Twin, Form of Anthony
TraceFighter, Brave
TraversToll Taker, From the Crossroads
TravisTo Cross the River, Form of Travers
TravonFair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
TrentTraveller, Trespasser, Gushing Waters
TrentonTrent’s Town, Town by the Rapid Stream
TreverLarge Homestead, Great Settlement
TrevionCombination of Trevor and Ian, Fair Town
TrevonCombination of Trey and Von, Created Name
TristanTumult, Sad, Outcry
TristenTumult, Outcry
TristianBold, Tumult, Outcry
TristinTumult, Outcry
TroyCurly Haired, Foot-soldier
TuckerGarment Maker, Tucker of Cloth
TurnerLathe Worker, Carpenter
TylerMaker of Bricks, Tiles, Tile Layer
TylorTile Layer, Roof Tiler
TyrellThunder Ruler, Puller, Follower of Thor
TyronSovereign, Land of Owen
TysonFirebrand, Son of a German, High-spirited
UriahLight of the God, Light is Yahweh
UrielLight of God, Flame of God
VadimProving, Arguing, Great Ruler, Famous Ruler
ValentinHealthy, Strong, Valiant
VanceVery High Places, From the Marshland
VasylRegal, King, Ruler
VernYouthful, Alder Tree, Place of Alders
VerneYouthful, Spring Green, Green
VinceConquering, Form of Vincent, Victor
VincentConquering, Prevailing, Victorious
VitoLife, Life-giving, Conqueror, Alive, Vital
VladimirRenowned Prince, Prince
WadeTo Go, Ford, Moving
WallaceWelshman, Stranger, Foreign, Celtic
WalterPeople of Power, Powerful Warrior
WarrenWatchman, Park Warden, Loyal, Game Park
WayneWagon Builder, Cartwright, Wagon Maker
WenCultured, Ornamental
WendellA Wend, Wanderer
WesForm of Wesley, The West Meadow
WesleyThe West Meadow, Western Meadow
WestWest Town, Surname
WestonWest Town, From the Western Settlement
WileyCrafty, From the Wily River, Will-helmet
WilfredoA Wish for Peace, Desires Peace
WillPurposeful Peace, Will-helmet, Will, Desire
WillardWill, Desire and Hardy, Brave, Bold
WilliamResolute Protector, Will-helmet
WillieResolute, Will, Will-helmet, Protection
WillisResolute Protector, Will-helmet, Will
WilmerWill Famous, Resolute, Determined Fame
WilsonSon of William, Will-helmet
WiltonFrom the Farm by the Spring
WimWill-helmet, Strong Helmet, Will Helmet
WinfredFriend of Peace, Protection, Safety
WinstonPleasant Stone, Town of Victory
WintonPasture Town, From Wine’s Farm
WoodrowRow of Houses by the Wood
WoodyRow of Houses by a Wood
WyattWar Strength, Guide, Small Fighter
XavierBright, Splendid, The Helper, New House
Xiao-pingLittle peace
Xing-fuJoyful or happy
XzavierA New House
YanRock, Cliff, God’s Grace, God is Gracious
YangSun, Poplar, Appearance, Model, Pattern
YehudaExalt, Praised, Son of Jacob and Leah
YigalHe will Redeem
YoramExalted by God
YuanThe Original
YulBorn at Christmas, Past the Horizon
YuriThe Lord is My Light, Form of Uriah
YusufHe Shall Add to his Power
YvesArcher, Yew Wood
ZachForm of Zachary, Remembered by God
ZachariahGod Remembers, Remembered by the Lord
ZacharyRenowned by God, The Lord Remembers
ZacheryThe Lord has Remembered
ZackGod Remembers
ZackaryGod Remembers
ZackeryGod Remembers
ZakGod Remembers, He will Laugh
ZakaryGod Remembers
ZanderDefender of Mankind
ZavierNew House, Saviour
ZechariahMemory of the Lord, God has Remembered
ZionSign, Sunny, Parched Place, Homeland, Heaven
ZubairThe Tree of the Heaven, Strong


Choosing a Chinese baby boy name is a meaningful way to honor your heritage and embrace the beauty of the Chinese language. The top 1000 Chinese baby boy names with their meanings for 2023 provide a vast array of options, allowing you to find a name that captures your hopes and dreams for your little one. Remember to consider the cultural significance behind each name and select one that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations. Best of luck in finding the perfect name for your bundle of joy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What factors should I consider when choosing a Chinese baby boy name?

When choosing a Chinese baby boy name, it’s essential to consider factors such as cultural significance, family traditions, and personal preferences. You may also want to explore the meaning behind each name and its phonetic sound to ensure it aligns with your expectations.

Are these names suitable for Families of non-Chinese descent?

Absolutely! Chinese names have gained popularity worldwide, and families of various cultural backgrounds often choose these names for their uniqueness and beauty. These names can be embraced by anyone who appreciates the rich Chinese culture.

Can I use a Chinese name as a middle name?

Certainly! Chinese names can be used as first names, middle names, or even combined with names from other cultures. This allows for flexibility and personalization in creating a name that reflects your family’s heritage.

How can I ensure the correct pronunciation of a Chinese baby boy name?

To ensure the correct pronunciation of a Chinese baby boy name, it’s advisable to consult a native Chinese speaker or use online resources that provide audio pronunciations. This will help you pronounce the name accurately and appreciate its true beauty.

Are there any Chinese naming customs or traditions I should be aware of?

Yes, Chinese naming customs often involve selecting names with auspicious meanings and avoiding names that sound similar to negative words or concepts. It’s also common for Chinese parents to consult fortune tellers or consider the Chinese zodiac sign associated with the child’s birth year.

Can I modify the spelling of a Chinese name to make it easier to pronounce in English?

While modifying the spelling of a Chinese name to make it easier to pronounce in English is possible, it’s important to be respectful of the name’s cultural origins and maintain its essence. Consulting with native speakers or language experts can help find a suitable compromise.

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