Top 1000 Spanish Baby Boy Names with Meaning – 2023


Are you expecting a bundle of joy soon? Congratulations! One of the most exciting tasks for new parents is choosing the perfect name for their baby. Names have a significant impact on a person’s identity, and finding the right name can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for Spanish baby boy names with meaning, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will explore the top 1000 Spanish baby boy names with meaning – 2023. So, let’s dive in and find the ideal name for your little one!

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Top 1000 Spanish Baby Boy Names with Meaning – 2023
Alejandro guardian of mankind Boy
Alessandro Old Greek – Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander Boy
Alwar Gothic: Guard for all; A derivative of name Alvaro Boy
Andres A born warrior who is manly and brave Boy
Carlos A mainly man Boy
Deniel A variant of Daniel, meaning God is my judge. Boy
Diego Mexican version of name James; passionate Boy
Jose Hebrew – Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph Boy
Juan God is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude. Boy
Luis A fame searching warrior Boy
Mateo He was the gift of God Boy
Miguel who is like unto Yahweh. Boy
Santiago Saint James Unisex
Abad someone who is Everlasting, Eternal Boy
Abejundio Means relating to bee or abaje Boy
Abelardo Basically it means generous, kind ans solid personality Boy
Abelino Means unsure pet form of Avila Boy
Abilo One who is skill and proficient in whatever he does. Boy
Abril Open Unisex
Acha The holly bushes or plants Unisex
Adalberto The bright noble or the shining noble Boy
Adamo Son of Red Earth; First man to come to life Boy
Adan The son of Adam, man or red earth Boy
Addis Son of Adam; Son of the Red Earth; A derivative of name Adam Boy
Adelio An honorable and kind person Boy
Adolfo Noble wolf Unisex
Adrian Water, or a sea of water Boy
Adriana From hadria Unisex
Afonso The ready and noble person Boy
Agapito One who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one’s favorite. Boy
Agustin Latin – August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine Boy
Agusto Venerated; majestic; dignified Boy
Alamar Arabic – Coated in Gold Boy
Alameda From the popular tree; promenade Boy
Alarico Noble Ruler who is the ruler of all; energetic Boy
Alba Sunrise Unisex
Albano Latin – Man from Alba ; A variant of name Alban Boy
Alberto Noble, bright and famous individual Boy
Albinus Latin – White; Blond; Fair One; A variant of name Albus Boy
Alf Gothic – Noble and Ready; English – Inspired Advice; Old Peace Derived from the element Alfr which means Elf; A variant of name Alfonso and Alfie Boy
Alfons Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alfonso Ready, prepared, organized Boy
Alfonsus Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alfonzo Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alford English – old river crossing orford; Old English – inspired advice, Old Peace; A variant of name Alfred Boy
Alfredo Alfredo is Elf Peace Boy
Alma Soul Boy
Aloise Famous in battle. Feminine of Aloysius Boy
Alonso Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alonzo An inspirational dashing noble with sophisticated charm Boy
Alphonso A noble prompt person ready for struggle and war Boy
Alphonsus Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso Boy
Alpine Latin – White; Blond; Fair One; A derivative of name Alpin Boy
Alta A exalted and elevated majestic grace of Mary, the mother of Jesus Unisex
Aluino A magical noble friend and a strong willed person who is ambition driven Boy
Alva An exalted white old friend who have supremacy of an supernatural being Unisex
Alvaro The noble guardian with an elf army who is the speaker of truth and is cautious, bold and a planner Boy
Amadeo Love of God; A variant of name Amadeu which is derived from Latin Amare “to love” and Deus “God”. Boy
Amadeu Love of God; derived from Latin Amare “to love” and Deus “God”. Boy
Amado Latin – Lover, Love of God ; A derivative of the Spanish name Amadeus and Amador Boy
Amerigo German – Work; Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name Emmerich Boy
An The one who is gracious and satisfying Unisex
Anastas Old Greek – Resurrection; A variant form of the name Anastasius Boy
Anastase Old Greek – Resurrection; A variant form of the name Anastasius Boy
Andras Old Greek – Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrea Boy
Andreo Old Greek – Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andreas Boy
Andris Old Greek – Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrew Boy
Angeles A messenger as well as the angels of God sent from heaven Unisex
Angelino Old Greek – Messenger of God; Angel, A variant of name is Angel Boy
Anna Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God Boy
Anselm German – Protected by God; A derivative from Anshelm Boy
Anselmo German – Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel Boy
Anthonie Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony Boy
Anthonius Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony Boy
Antonio Saint Anthony; worthy of praise Boy
Aquilino Latin – Eagle; A variant of name Aquila Boy
Archibald A bald man Boy
Arine Light; Radiance; Sun Ray Boy
Arins Hebrew – Enlighted; mountain of strength; Exalted; A variant of name Aaron Boy
Aristides Greek – The best Kind; Boy
Arlo manly, strong Boy
Armando Great warrior and a happy army man Boy
Armindo Army man Boy
Armondo Germanic – Army Man; Variant name of Armand Boy
Arnel Germanic – Eagle Ruler; A variant of name Arnold Boy
Arsenio Greek – Virile; It is derived from the element ‘Arsenios’ Boy
Arsi Greek – Virile; A variation of Arsenius Boy
Artemio Complete and perfect; one who is a gift of Artemis Boy
Arturo Strong as bear; one who has a powerful personality Boy
Asdrubal Spanish form of Hasdrubal Boy
Atilio Little father Boy
Augusto Latin – August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine Boy
Aureo A respectable being; they are golden haired Boy
Azure Sky ccolor; Lapis Lazuli Boy
Bajalat One who is at lower position Boy
Balea It means to be carefee, happy and free sprited Unisex
Balta An ax Boy
Baltasar The name means ‘ Protected by God.’ Boy
Barto Hill, Furrow Boy
Bartoli Aramaic – Son Of Tolmai; Son of the one who abounds in furrows; A variant of name Barton. Boy
Bartolomeo Son of a Farmer; Both Surname and Given Name; Farmer’s Son Boy
Basa A forest or wood, surname Boy
Bassa A pond or a lake Boy
Bastien Respected, well-regarded Boy
Bautista Dipping in water; name for a bapist Boy
Beltrano Vivid Raven Boy
Benedicto Blessed,those who live with God in heaven Boy
Benicio Benevolent One Boy
Benito Latin – Blessed; Variant of name Benedict Boy
Bernal Strong Bear Boy
Bernardino Brave; Brave as a Bear Boy
Bernardo Bernardo is Bold As A Bear Boy
Berto Intelligent Boy
Bienvenido One who is welcome Boy
Blanco Blond; Fair; White Boy
Blas Stutters Boy
Bolivar One who lives at the mill on the riverside Boy
Bonito A good little one Boy
Braulio A meadow situated on a hillside Boy
Briand The old English form of Briand, meaning strong or hill. Boy
Buenaventura A good fortune in spanish Boy
Caega A Sanish male name Boy
Caege A male name of Spanish origin Boy
Calderon An occupational name, meaning tinker Boy
Canda He glows brightly Boy
Candelario Name derived from festival of Candlemas Boy
Cariann A man who is a darling Boy
Carlito A little dear Boy Boy
Carlitos He is an endearing little Boy Boy
Carlo A strong mainly man Boy
Carmelo An orchard that is fruitful Boy
Casimiro He proclaims peace Boy
Casson A man from the manor house Boy
Cayetano He who is from Caitea Boy
Celestina A heavenly or a celestial individual Unisex
Celestino A heavenly person Boy
Cerda Awesome hair Boy
Ceron A beekeeper Boy
Cesar The hairy one Boy
Cesario A hairy individual Boy
Chago The holder of heel; a saint Boy
Challen Shining Moon Unisex
Chan The gracious God Boy
Chanait A graceful person Boy
Chanak Graceful young man Boy
Chano The strong one Boy
Chara A man who loves freedom and adventure Boy
Chavez Dream maker; keys Boy
Chayo A family name Boy
Che God will multiply Boy
Cheche A small thing Unisex
Checo A small child Boy
Chema God stays with us Boy
Chencho A crowned Prince Boy
Chente A positive planner Boy
Chico A yong lad Boy
Chuy Another name for Jesus Boy
Cid God; the almighty; one who presides over mankind Boy
Cidd God; the absolute being Boy
Cinco The number five; one who is fifth born Boy
Cipriano One who hails from Cyprus, a place located at the left of Syria Boy
Cirini Another word for Cyrus, the means God, the Almighty Boy
Cisco One who speaks French; a Frenchman Boy
Claudio Crippled; one who cannot walk; lame Boy
Clemente Merciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet tempered Boy
Cnut Knot; the tightening of a thread or loop Boy
Colombo Dove, the symbol of peace and happiness Boy
Colorado Derived from the state of Colorado, or the red river in Colorado Boy
Conrado A brave advisor or counsellor, who advices others in a brave manner Boy
Constantino Stable and constant; never undergoes any change Boy
Cordaro A lamb; a baby sheep Boy
Corder A baby sheep; a lamb Boy
Cordero A lamb; a little sheep Boy
Cordovan A wool used to make carpets, from Argentina Boy
Cornelio A bony outgrowth that is usually seen in cattle like cows, buffalows, goat,etc Boy
Cortez Courteous, polite in manners, well behaved and respectful Boy
Cory A pool that is foaming, fizzy or seething Boy
Cristian Romanian form of “Christianity”; Disciple of Christ Boy
Cristiano Italian and Portuguese form of Christianity. A famous bearer is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (1985); Follower of Christ Boy
Cruz Another name of cross Boy
Cuco A cute person Boy
Cuitlahuac A born ruler Boy
Cumma A mature and adorable person Boy
Dali Drawn towards God Unisex
Damia One who subdues Boy
Dario Rich and healthy person Boy
David A beloved friend Boy
Daza A topographic name; diplomatic Boy
Deago The one who has replaced someone Boy
Delmar One who came from Sea Boy
Demario A gentle and caring being Boy
Demetrio One who brings rain; an Earth lover Boy
Dionicio They are God of wine and revelry Boy
Dionisio They have the power of all the Gods Boy
Domenico It means the Almighty Lord Boy
Domingo They are born on Sunday Boy
Donatello It’s a Gift of God ,To Give Boy
Eberardo It means Brave in Spanish. Boy
Ebert It means Brave or Strong. Boy
Edgardo A wealthy man who is known for riches Boy
Edmundo A loving and passionate man Boy
Edorta Wealthy and kind person Boy
Eduardo The holder of rich property Boy
Eduin Rich friend Boy
Eduino Wealthy companion; one who has lot of money Boy
Edwardo One who is born to serve like a prosperous guardian Boy
Efi A fruitful and lovely human being Boy
Efrain A very much fertile land Boy
Elazar Hebrew – God is Help; God is my helper; God has helped; A variant of name Eliezer Boy
Elian A passionate and loving human being Unisex
Eligio A very private yet interesting person Boy
Elija For whom God is everywhere Boy
Eloi The one who has a restless and brave spirit Boy
Emigdio this is the Spanish form of the Saint Emigdius who was a saviour against earthquakes. Boy
Emiliano this name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard. Boy
Emilio someone who tries to emulate or a rival. Boy
Enrico one who rules the home. Boy
Enrique ruler of an estate. Boy
Enriquez a person who owns large estates and rules them. Boy
Erasmo beloved or someone who is loved by all. Boy
Eriko a Spanish word meaning ruler of the people. Boy
Ermenhilda a word meaning huge treasure. Unisex
Ernesto a Spanish masculinated word meaning determined and serious. Boy
Eron enlightened or mountain of strength or high mountain. Boy
Esai a Spanish word meaning god is my salvation. Boy
Esperance hope. Boy
Esperanza Spanish word for hope. Boy
Espiridion little spirit. Boy
Estanislao strength or firmness or glory or fame. Boy
Esteban crowned in victory. Boy
Estefan a Spanish word which means someone who is crowned in victory. Boy
Estember a Spanish word relating to stars. Boy
Estephen victorious or corwned or someone crowned victoriously. Boy
Estevan this is a Spanish word which means crown. Boy
Estmar a Spanish word meaning esteem. Boy
Eugenio a Spanish name for nobility or high born. Boy
Eulalia a saint who got martyred. Boy
Eulalio a Greek word meaning sweetly spoken or soft spoken. Boy
Eusebio one who worships well. Boy
Eustaquio a Spanish word meaning fruitful or productive. Boy
Everardo brave or hardy. Boy
Everd brave boar or strong boar. Boy
Ezechiel The God made him stronger Boy
Ezequiel One made stronger by God Boy
Fargo A person who comes from the fenced pasture Unisex
Faustino A little lucky man Boy
Fausto A man of luck Boy
Federigo One whose ruling brings peace Boy
Felipe A horse lover Boy
Felis He who is fortunate in life Boy
Ferdinando He is a brave traveler Boy
Fermin One with strenght Boy
Fernandez The son of an adventurous traveler Boy
Fernando A bold voyager Boy
Ferrol A Spanish place name Boy
Fidel Latin – Faithful; Derived from the word Fidelis Boy
Fidelio He who is truthful and faithful Boy
Fidelis To be honest and faithfu; Boy
Fides Truthfulnes and faithfulness Boy
Filiberto An extremely bright person Boy
Fitzwilliam It means “the male offspring of William” Boy
Fiyero A fiery man or a proud person Boy
Flor Literally means a flower; Could be interpreted as a charming; blossoming person Boy
Florencio A form of ‘Florence’ which means to prosper and blossom Boy
Florentino A form of “Florentinus’ which means ‘to blossom or prosper’ Boy
Fonzo A abbreviated form of ‘Alfonso’ which means all equipped for a battle Boy
Fortunato An anternant of ‘Fortunat’, it refers to a ‘happy and luck-endowed’ person Boy
Francisca From france Unisex
Francisco A variant of Latin name ‘Franciscus’ it refers to a Frenchman or a free man Boy
Fredo Italian diminutive of ‘Frederick’ meaning a peace’keeping ruler Boy
Frisco Refers to bare land or empty location. Boy
Froylan A home loving and friendly individual Boy
Fulco A community of people smaller than a town. Boy
Gabriela God is my strength Unisex
Gabriella God is my strength Unisex
Gabrio God is my strength and shield. Boy
Galeno The brightened child. Boy
Galo Adult male chicken. Boy
Gaspar Spanish and Portuguese accent of Jasper (Rich man) Boy
Geraldo Spear ruler Boy
Gerardo Strength Unisex
Gervasio Person who is hunting with the spear. Boy
Gervaso The one who is fighting for his people or nation. Boy
Giancarlos Spanish name meaning God’s gift to men Boy
Gil Gil is a male name of Hebrew origin and means Joy, Happiness. The name is used a lot in English speaking countries, but also in Spain and France. Boy
Gilberto Gilberto is a male name, an Italian verion of the name Gilbert and means Bright Pledge or Shining Pledge. Boy
Glor The name Glor means Glory, Victory. Boy
Godofredo Germanic – God’s peace; Peaceful ruler; Friend of God; A variant of Godfrey Boy
Gonzalo Gon are passive, friendly and easy going. They have imaginations and ideas to lead life. Boy
Gracia The name is variant of word grace. It means decency and intelligence. Boy
Gredlan They are very challenging and mentaly very strong.they have new ideas all the time. Boy
Gregorio They have ability to lead,organize and manage.They love music,art and drama. Boy
Gui Gomati are self-centered and dominated persons. They are blunt and preffered to work and live alone. Boy
Guillermo They value truth,justice and discipline.They are quick in decision making. Boy
Guinan They are vesatile,responsible but lazy.They are active and fulfill all their promises. Boy
Gustavo Gustavo means the royal staff or the servants of king, Boy
Haseca It is a spanish word that meant about Boy
Haswar It is an Spanish meaning Hardware, Loin Boy
Hector Tenacious Boy
Helio Old Greek – Sun; A variant of Helios Boy
Herculano Of the God Hercules. Boy
Herminio Army man; Soldier; A variant of Herman Boy
Hernan Spiritual Pilgrim Boy
Hernando Adventurous Boy
Hidalgo Noble One Boy
Hilario Latin – Cheerful; A variant form of the English name Hilary. Boy
Homero Old Greek – Hostage; A variant of Homer Boy
Homobono Good Man Boy
Horacio timekeeper Boy
Horado Timekeeper Boy
Hugin One who is thoughtful Boy
Hugo intelligence Boy
Hugues Germanic – Heart; Mind; Spirit; A variant of name Hugh Boy
Humberto famous fighter Boy
Hunfredo peaceful energy Boy
Ignacio Fiery Boy
Ignasio Variation of Ignacio which means Fiery Boy
Inigo Fiery Boy
Isadoro Gift of the goddess Isis Boy
Isaias God is with us Boy
Isandro Free or liberator Boy
Ishmael God will Hear Boy
Ismael Variant of Ishmael which means God will hear Boy
Jabier A bright man Boy
Jacint A Boy who like s the hyacinth flower Boy
Jacinto A Boy who grows hycintho flowers Boy
Jacobo A person who believes in God’s portection and guidence Boy
Jacquez A substitude Boy
Jade Hebrew – Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name Jadon Unisex
Jaden Hebrew – Thankful; Spanish – Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of Jade Boy
Jadiel God is my Fortune; Spanish variant of Hebrew name Gadiel Boy
Jadyn Hebrew – Thankful; Spanish – Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of Jade Boy
Jago Hebrew – Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A variant of name Jacob Boy
Jaidyn Spanish – Jade; A variant of Jaden Boy
Jaime He is a supplanter, Boy
Jairo He who is enlighted by Jehovah Boy
Jandro Spanish name meaning to defend Boy
Jaquez Variation of French Jaques, means to replace Boy
Jaume Spanish variation of James meaning God’s gracious Boy
Javi A bright one Boy
Javiar Variation of Javier or Xavier which means New house or bright Boy
Javier One who is bright Boy
Jencarlos Refers to a person who is kind, charming and good looking. Boy
Jeraldo Germanic – Spear ruler; Rules by the Spear; Variant of Gerald Boy
Jerardo One who holds the spear very boldly. Boy
Jereza A habitational name in Spanish, a place in Spain Boy
Jeronimo One who is saved from harm Boy
Jerrold Gerald Boy
Joaquin Joaquin is a Spanish male name and means Lifted by Yahweh. It is of Hebrew origin and represented in Christian religion. Boy
Joram it is spanish word which means God is gracious or Gift from God. They have passion for their life and impressive nature. They are organized. Boy
Jorge A derivative of Greek word Georgos meaning Farmer; A Tiller of the Soil; Earth Worker Boy
Jose Luis God will increase; Illustrious in fight; Saint Like Boy
Joseantonio A combination of Jose and Antonio. Boy
Jovanny They inspire others, control and relief the matters of others. They want to make a different and unique world to attract others. Boy
Jovano They want to get freedom and want to enjoy the life by availing all the available opportunities. Boy
Jovany They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable. Boy
Jove They are wise, resever, intelligent and always looking for the opportunities to show thei abilities. Boy
Jovelin They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable. Boy
Jovin They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable. Boy
Jovis They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable. Boy
Juanito it is spanish word which means God is gracious or Gift from God. They have passion for their life and impressive nature. They are organized. Boy
Julian Latin – Jupiter’s Child; Downy; Julian is Youthful Boy
Julio people with this name try their best to please everyone. They show interest in making friends. Boy
Junipero A variation of latin name Juniper; A derivative of the English name Juniperus Boy
Junot Junot is a Boy name and means Young Boy
Justino The name Justino means Upright Boy
Justo Justo is a Spanish name meaning Fair,Just Boy
Keiman Keiman means Strong Boy
Lalo A weathy and Rich guardian Boy
Laredo Ocupational name for the one who works in the granary Boy
Laurencius He who wears a crown of laurels Boy
Leandro Lion. Latin name describing Lionlike preson Boy
Leocadio Bright light, clear light Boy
Leonardo Bold Lion Boy
Leonides Who is like a lion Boy
Liborio The feeling of complete freedom Boy
Lobo A person who is like a Wolf Boy
Lon Person as fierce as a Lion Boy
Lonni A warrior who is noble and always battle-ready Boy
Lonnie Noble person who is always ready for a battle Boy
Lonny A noble and ready person Boy
Lony A man of noble and accessible character Boy
Lonyn Battle-ready, skillful and noble person Boy
Lonzo Short of Alonzo, A noble and ready person Boy
Lorca A place name of the region Navarre in Spain Unisex
Lorenzo He who lived in Italian city Laurentum Boy
Lucero One whose light illuminates people. Also means Horse Blaze Boy
Lucho Warrior of great fame Boy
Luciano Variation of name Lucian, meaning light, enlightened Boy
Lucila illuminated. Light Boy
Lucio The one that brings light Boy
Luiz A warrior of fame Boy
Lukas He who illuminates Boy
Luz He is the Lord of the light Boy
Lynde A gentle person Unisex
Macario Spanish name meaning happy Boy
Maceo Spanish name, Gift of God Boy
Macerio A blessed soul. Boy
Madrid A place name, Madrid in Spain Unisex
Maicer A male name of Spanish origin Boy
Malaquias He who is my messenger Boy
Mano Hebrew – God is with us; a contraction of the name Manuel; Hawaiian – Shark; Passionate Lover Boy
Manolito God is among us Boy
Manolo God is with us Boy
Manuel God is among us Boy
Manuelo God is with us Boy
Maquinna Spanish word meaning machine Unisex
Mar One who is a Lord Boy
Mara Bitter; Variant of Maria; Destroyer Boy
Marcellino Maori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus. Boy
Marcello A warrior who is of young age Boy
Marcelo One who has the strength of the hammer Boy
Marco He who is at war Boy
Marcos The Roman fertility god Mars for whom March was named. Boy
Marianel A star of rebelliousness Boy
Mariano A hostile warlike man Boy
Mario A sad, bitter person Boy
Marisen An aggressive young man Boy
Marko One who is manly but tender Boy
Marquez A title name that is below duke and above earl Boy
Martez Mostly used as a surname, means “From the God Mars” Boy
Martinez A person who is Combative Boy
Martirio One who is a martyr Boy
Matias A gift of God Boy
Matthias One who is a gift from the Lord Boy
Mauricio A dark skinned man Boy
Maurizio He who has dark skin Boy
Maximiliano A man who is the greatest Boy
Maximino He is the greats Boy
Maximo The greatest of men Boy
Mer A large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere Boy
Merald Derived from Emerald, a precious green colored gemstone Boy
Miguelangel A God-like angel, or an angel of God Boy
Mincho A favorite of all, son of the closest companion Boy
Mitra A dear friend, one we chose to be with Boy
Moises A kind woman, compassionate female. Boy
Monolos God is always with us Boy
Montana The mountain or the country of mountains Unisex
Monte A steep mountain Boy
Montego The huge as mountain or full or mountains Boy
Montenegro A mountain of black color Boy
Monterey The mountain belongs to the King Boy
Montesh someone who resembles the mountain Boy
Montrell A region full of mountains Boy
Monty A mountain owned by the ruler Boy
Nacho The person who is ignorance, specially of orthodox beliefs Boy
Nacio Internal light Boy
Nalda Capable of producing great physical force Boy
Naldo A mighty person, a strong person Boy
Nando A daring or a brave journey Boy
Nardo Disposed to bestow favors. Boy
Natalino Refers to the birthday of Jesus. Boy
Natalio Came to this earth on Christmas day. Boy
Navarone An island of Greece that was an army base Boy
Navarro Someone belongs to the land of plains Boy
Nelio The creation of a tough job. Boy
Nemesio Righteousness, impartiality, honesty, uprightness Boy
Neron The one who steady and firm. Boy
Nevada White crystals of frozen water. Boy
Nicabar Giveaway, bargain, take, steal, good deal. Boy
Niguel Overcomer, victor, great warrior, hero. Boy
Nilo The conquest or take over of the people. Boy
Noa Undertaking or wave program or indication. Unisex
Oalo Small Boy
Octaviano One who is born eighth to a family Boy
Octavio A French word that means “Me” oneself. Boy
Oleos The holy oil used in the church. Boy
Olva Down hill of the families. Boy
Omero The prisoner who is held by one party to insure that the other party will meet specified terms. Boy
Onofre The one who fights for peace or harmony. Boy
Orlondo Rainy season, showers from the heaven. Boy
Oro Gold which is high expensive and precious. Boy
Osvaldo One who is a persevering and god willed individual Boy
Oswaldo One who is born with divine power Boy
Otilio A wealthy and fortunate person. Boy
Oto An individual who is rich and wealthy Boy
Pablo Borrowed; A variant of Paul which means small, humble, Boy
Pacifico Peaceful and serene; Peace Loving; Boy
Paco Germanic – Frenchman; Free One; A diminutive of the name Francisco Boy
Pancho Tuft, Plume; Nickname for Francisco and Frank. Boy
Pascual Latin – Of Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of Pacy Boy
Pasqual Catalan form of Spanish name Pascual; A Venetian variant of Italian name Pasquale; A name relating to Easter; Born on Passover day Boy
Patricio Name given to a patrician and a nobleman Boy
Paulino A small and humble human being Boy
Pazel Peace Boy
Pedro Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A form of Peter Boy
Peni A form of Ben; a loyal and adventurous one Boy
Pepe Spanish form of Joseph; Joseph means Yahweh will add (another son); He shall increase; Boy
Perez A Spanish surname meaning Son of Pero, Pedro, or Peter; Spanish equivalent of Peter; Divided Boy
Perico Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Pedro; A form of Peter Boy
Pirro One with a flame-colored hair Unisex
Placido A man who is calm and quiet Boy
Ponce Spanish – Fifth; A variant spelling of Ponce is Ponse Boy
Poncho Spanish diminutive of Francisco; Alfonso; Another variant is Pancho Boy
Prospero Latin – Prosperous; Lucky; Wealthy; According to ones wishes; Derived from Latin word Prosper Boy
Quinto Spanish name meaning fifth Boy
Quique Spanish nickname for Enrique, means ruler of the home Boy
Quiqui Ruler of the house Boy
Quito The fifth one Boy
Rafael God has healed Boy
Rafe Short from Rafael, means God has healed Boy
Ras A leader, duke Boy
Raul The counsel of the wolves Boy
Raymundo A smart protector of people Boy
Reinaldo Germanic – Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name Reynold Boy
Reinaldos A king’s wise advisor Boy
Renaldo Germanic – Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name Reynold Boy
Renato Latin – Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name Rene Boy
Rey Latin – King; Celtic – Ruddy; Red Haired King; Boy
Reyes Spanish word meaning kings Unisex
Reynaldo He who counsels and rules others Boy
Reynaldos A man who gives advice about ruling Boy
Rheal A royal, kingly one Boy
Ricardo A King known for his might and strength Boy
Rico A ruler known to be strong and firm Boy
Rio One who is like the river Boy
Roberto Germanic – Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of Robert Boy
Roce He who is as hard as a rock Boy
Roderigo A notable, famous leader Boy
Rodolfo A notable and legendary wolf Boy
Rodrigo One who is acclaimed for his rule Boy
Rodriguez A son of an acclaimed ruler Boy
Rogelio A legendary and famous soldier Boy
Rogerio A person who is a legendary fighter Boy
Rolando He who is the most famous and legendary of all men Boy
Roldan He is a notable one Boy
Rosalio A man of roses Boy
Rosario A young man of the rosary Boy
Rosendo He who is on a path of fame Boy
Rudolfo A wolf who is a legend Boy
Ruy A ruddy, red-haired king Boy
Salomon Spanish name meaning safety and peace Boy
Salove He who is a savior Boy
Salvador The savior of men Boy
Salvadore The who brings salvation Boy
Salvator One who is a defender or a savior Boy
Salvatore He is salvation. A man who is a hero, a liberator Boy
Salvino He who saves the men, a defender and redeemer Boy
Sanche Blessed one Unisex
Sanchez Dedicated to a religious purpose Boy
Sancho Truthful and sincere Boy
Sanita Little girl in good health Boy
Santana A saintly man Unisex
Santi One who is holy Boy
Santo A holy one Boy
Santos Saints Unisex
Saturnino Little Saturn Boy
Saul A desired one Boy
Saulus One who is prayed for Boy
Savanna From the open grassy plain Unisex
Savannah From the open grassy plain Unisex
Saviero One who has a new home Boy
Segundo One who is born second Boy
Sergio An attendant, a servant Unisex
Servando One who is in service of others Boy
Sierra From the jagged mountain range Unisex
Silvano He who lives in the woods Boy
Silverio One who loves trees and forest Boy
Silvestre He is a man of the forest Boy
Silvia Wooded, forest Unisex
Silvio He who loves the woods Boy
Sol One who brings peace Boy
Soto He who is a forest grove Boy
Taddeo Italian of Thaddeus; A gift of God Boy
Tadeo Given by God Boy
Tajo A name of the river in Spain, means Day Boy
Tanis Serpent lady Unisex
Tavares Son of a hermit Boy
Tejano A resident of Texas Boy
Teo A form of tom Boy
Teobaldo Prince of the people Boy
Teodoro Gift from God Boy
Teofilo One who is loved by God Boy
Terry Variation of Theresa which means To Harvest Boy
Tessa Harvester Unisex
Teyo Spanish name meaning God Boy
Theresa A harvester Unisex
Thiago A supplanter Boy
Tia An aunt, daughter born to royalty Unisex
Tiago Saint James Boy
Tiburcio One who is from Tibur or Tivoli Boy
Tiburon A shark fish, one who is form of shark Boy
Tierra Earth Unisex
Tiko Little brother or elder brother Boy
Timo One who respect or honor God Boy
Timoteo The person who respects God Boy
Tino A little one or a junior Boy
Tito In Latin it means one who is saved. In Italian it means of the giant Boy
Toli One who ploughs the field Boy
Tomaso The twin baby, one of twin Boy
Tome A twin baby Boy born Boy
Tonio A priceless person Boy
Tono One who is praised and priceless Boy
Toribio Bestowed in honor of Saints Boy
Torres A habitational name of a person belongs from the city of towers Boy
Tota A free man, manly or male Boy
Toya Water Boy
Tuli Refers to a brush which uses to paint anything. Unisex
Tulio Animated or energetic. Boy
Turi One of the wild animals, bear. Boy
Ulises Variation of Odysseus which means Wrathful Boy
Valentino Brave or strong. Boy
Vicente Variation of Vincent which means Conquering Boy
Vincenzo Variation of Vincent which means Conquering Boy
Virgilio Staff bearer Boy
Vito Croatian form of Vitus, meaning life. Boy
Wilferdo Variation of Wilfred which means Someone who desires peace Boy
Yadiel God has heard Boy


Each name on this list has been carefully selected based on its popularity, uniqueness, and beautiful meaning. You can rest assured that choosing a name from this list will give your little one a special and meaningful identity.

Unique and Meaningful Spanish Baby Boy Names

Are you searching for a name that stands out from the crowd? Look no further! We have compiled a list of unique and meaningful Spanish baby boy names for you to consider:

Amador – One who loves God.
Benicio – Blessed.
Cruz – Cross.
Dante – Enduring.
Emilio – Industrious.
Felipe – Lover of horses.
Gael – Stranger.
Hector – Steadfast.
Isidro – Gifted with many crops.
Joaquin – Established by God.

These names are not only distinctive but also carry beautiful meanings that can resonate with your family’s values and aspirations.

Popular Spanish Baby Boy Names

If you prefer to go with a name that has stood the test of time and is widely recognized, here are some popular Spanish baby boy names:

Adrian – Dark one.
Bruno – Brown-haired.
David – Beloved.
Elias – The Lord is my God.
Francisco – Free man.
Gonzalo – Battle.
Ivan – God is gracious.
Julian – Youthful.
Kevin – Kind and gentle.
Leonardo – Brave lion.

These names have consistently remained popular among Spanish-speaking communities and are loved for their timeless appeal.

Trending Spanish Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for names that are currently trending and gaining popularity, consider these trendy Spanish baby boy names:

Adriel – Follower of God.
Cesar – Long-haired.
Elian – My God is Yahweh.
Gael – Joyful and happy.
Isaac – Laughter.
Lorenzo – Laurel wreath.
Matias – Gift of God.
Nico – Victory of the people.
Oscar – Divine spear.
Santiago – Saint James.

These names are on the rise and reflect the current naming trends in the Spanish-speaking community.

Traditional Spanish Baby Boy Names

For parents who appreciate tradition and classic names, here are some traditional Spanish baby boy names that have stood the test of time:

Antonio – Priceless.
Baltasar – Baal protects the king.
Carmelo – Garden.
Domingo – Born on Sunday.
Esteban – Crowned.
Feliciano – Fortunate.
Gregorio – Vigilant.
Joaquín – Raised by God.
Lorenzo – Man from Laurentum.
Rafael – God has healed.

These names carry a sense of history and cultural significance, making them a timeless choice for your little one.

Strong and Masculine Spanish Baby Boy Names

If you’re looking for names that exude strength and masculinity, consider these powerful Spanish baby boy names:

Alonso – Noble and eager.
Dario – Upholder of good.
Ezequiel – God strengthens.
Gustavo – Staff of the gods.
Jorge – Farmer.
Miguel – Who is like God?
Ramón – Wise protector.
Salvador – Savior.
Vicente – Conquering.
Xavier – Bright.

These names will give your son a strong and confident start in life.

Exotic Spanish Baby Boy Names

If you’re seeking a name that has a touch of exoticism and uniqueness, consider these Spanish baby boy names:

Andrés – Manly.
Ciro – Sun.
Emiliano – Rival.
Héctor – Steadfast.
Iker – Visit of God.
Lisandro – Liberator of men.
Maximiliano – Greatest.
Nicolás – Victory of the people.
Rubén – Behold, a son.
Valentín – Strong and healthy.

These names will set your little one apart and add an air of mystique to his identity.

Spanish Baby Boy Names Inspired by Nature

Nature-inspired names have always been popular. Here are some Spanish baby boy names inspired by the beauty of nature:

Alvaro – Guardian of all.
Cielo – Sky.
Lluvia – Rain.
Monte – Mountain.
Rio – River.
Soleil – Sun.
Tiago – Supplanter.
Viento – Wind.
Zafiro – Sapphire.
Zorro – Fox.

These names evoke a sense of harmony with the natural world and celebrate its wonders.

Names with Strong Biblical and Religious Significance

For parents seeking names with deep religious roots, here are some Spanish baby boy names with strong biblical significance:

Abraham – Father of nations, a significant figure in the Bible.
Daniel – God is my judge, a prophet in the Old Testament.
Elijah – My God is Yahweh, a powerful prophet in the Bible.
Isaías – Isaiah, a major prophet in the Old Testament.
Jeremías – Jeremiah, a prophet known for his prophecies and lamentations.
Jonás – Jonah, a prophet who was swallowed by a giant fish.
Lucas – Luke, the author of the Gospel of Luke.
Mateo – Matthew, one of the twelve apostles and the author of the Gospel of Matthew.
Samuel – God has heard, a prophet and judge in the Old Testament.
Simón – Simon, one of Jesus’ disciples.

These names carry a strong religious and spiritual significance, connecting your child to biblical narratives and teachings.


Choosing a name for your baby boy is a significant decision, and we hope this list of the top 1000 Spanish baby boy names with meanings for 2023 has provided you with inspiration and guidance. Whether you prefer popular, unique, traditional, or nature-inspired names, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Remember, the perfect name is the one that resonates with you and holds special meaning for your family. Take your time, explore the meanings behind each name, and trust your instincts. Your little one’s name will be a lifelong gift, reflecting their identity, heritage, and the love with which they were named.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are some popular Spanish names for boys?
Some popular Spanish names for boys include Alejandro, Carlos, Diego, Eduardo, and Fernando. These names have a long-standing tradition and are widely recognized.
Are there any unique Spanish baby boy names?
Absolutely! Some unique Spanish baby boy names to consider are Amador, Benicio, Cruz, Dante, and Emilio. These names offer a distinctive and memorable choice for your little one.
What are the trending Spanish baby boy names in 2023?
In 2023, some trending Spanish baby boy names are Adriel, Cesar, Elian, Gael, Isaac, and Lorenzo. These names reflect the current naming preferences and are gaining popularity.
Are there any traditional Spanish baby boy names?
Yes, there are several traditional Spanish baby boy names that have stood the test of time. Examples include Antonio, Baltasar, Domingo, Esteban, and Joaquín. These names have a rich cultural heritage.
Can you suggest some strong and masculine Spanish names for boys?
Certainly! Some strong and masculine Spanish names for boys are Alonso, Dario, Ezequiel, Gustavo, Miguel, and Ramón. These names convey power and resilience
Are there any Spanish baby boy names inspired by nature?
Yes! If you’re seeking nature-inspired names, consider Alvaro, Cielo, Lluvia, Monte, Rio, Soleil, Tiago, Viento, Zafiro, and Zorro. These names capture the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

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