Thinking about going au natural with your birth control? Here are some options to consider, along with their pros and cons.

8 Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

Combines basal body temperature monitoring and cervical mucus observation to pinpoint fertile and infertile days. This method can be effective but requires dedication and practice.

Symptothermal Method

Tracks changes in vaginal discharge to identify fertility. It's simpler than the Symptothermal Method but may not be as accurate.

Cervical Mucus Method

Predicts fertile days based on your menstrual cycle length. It's easy to use but has a high failure rate due to cycle irregularities.

Calendar Method

Latex or polyurethane condoms offer high pregnancy and STI protection. Choose natural, chemical-free brands for a more eco-friendly option.

Male Condoms

Similar protection as male condoms but worn inside the vagina. Good for those with latex allergies.

Female Condoms

These silicone or latex cups/caps fit over the cervix, blocking sperm entry. Require professional fitting for proper use.

Cervical Caps/Diaphragms

Exclusive breastfeeding can suppress ovulation due to hormonal changes. This method (LAM) is effective only under specific conditions.

Breastfeeding as Birth Control

100% effective in preventing pregnancy, but requires commitment from both partners and offers no STI protection.


Always consult your doctor before starting any new supplements or practices during pregnancy.


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