Discover easy strategies for a healthier Christmas. Incorporate simple changes in your daily diet to prevent holiday weight gain

Prior to festive events, strategize. Plan your food choices and quantities, and decide how to navigate tempting situations. 

Plan ahead

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Mind your portions, choose smaller plates, and resist seconds, especially with calorie-rich foods. Don't skip meals; maintain a regular routine for balanced, nutritious choices. 

Control portion size

Load up on colorful veggies—they're low in calories and packed with nutrients, keeping you satisfied without excess calories.

Fill your plate with vegetable

Choose lean proteins—turkey, chicken, or fish. Stay satisfied without excess calories and support your health goals.

Choose lean protein

Watch out for alcohol and sugary drinks—they may lead to weight gain. Choose water, unsweetened tea, or diluted fruit juices instead. 

Limit high-calorie beverage

Savor your favorite holiday treats in moderation. Share desserts or opt for smaller portions to enjoy without excess calorie intake. 

Be mindful of sweets and dessert

Avoid mindless snacking for weight control. Choose healthier options like nuts, fruits, or veggies to stay mindful of your eating habits.

Control your snacking

Integrate activity into your holidays—walk after meals, dance at parties, or enjoy winter sports. Burn calories and maintain your weight effortlessly.

Stay physically active

Prioritize 7-9 hours of quality sleep nightly. Lack of sleep boosts appetite and cravings, impacting healthy eating habits. Rest well for wellness.

Get enough sleep

Combat holiday stress without food. Try exercise, meditation, or enjoyable activities for comfort. Nourish your well-being beyond the dinner table.

Manage stress

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