The Pros and Cons of Different Birth Control Methods 

Birth Control Implant – Pros: 99% effective, long-lasting. – Cons: May cause spotting and side effects.

Birth Control Pill – Pros: 92%-95% effective, regular periods. – Cons: May cause side effects like breast tenderness, blood clots.

Hormone Patch (Ortho-Evra) – Pros: 91% effective, easy to use. – Cons: May cause skin irritation, no STD protection.

Vaginal Hormonal Ring – Pros: 93%-97% effective, convenient. – Cons: May cause vaginal irritation, no STD protection.

Fertility Awareneness – Pros: Non-invasive, no hormonal side effects. – Cons: Less effective, strict adherence required.

Spermicide – Pros: Accessible, no hormonal side effects. – Cons: Less effective, may cause irritation.

Tubal Ligation – Pros: 99% effective, permanent. – Cons: Invasive, not reversible.

Diaphragm – Pros: 83% effective, no hormonal side effects. – Cons: Requires correct insertion, may cause infections.

Male Condom – Pros: 87% effective, protects against STDs. – Cons: Requires correct use each time.

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