Welcome to this crash course in deciphering the ever-evolving language of the internet! Today, we'll tackle some of the hottest slang terms and memes that are taking the web by storm.

"Sheesh" (pronounced sheesh) is a versatile term expressing mild surprise, disbelief, or even amusement. It's a more casual alternative to "wow" or "oh my gosh."Β 


"No cap" literally means "no lie" or "to be truthful." Β It emphasizes that you're being honest and not exaggerating.

No Cap

"Beliving" is a playful way to express confidence or hope that something will come true. It's a mix of "believing" and "manifesting" your desires.


This might look like a strange string of characters, but it represents a derpy dance move meme. The "θ›„θ›„" depict awkward, wiggly movements, often paired with emojis conveying silliness.


"Woke" has evolved from its original meaning of being aware of social and racial injustice. Now, it can also be used playfully to encourage critical thinking or staying informed.

Stay Woke

"Wombo, combo" refers to an unexpected and perfect combination of events, often leading to a positive outcome.

Wombo Combo

(Originates from the K-pop fandom) This is shorthand for "delusional" and is used to describe someone with unrealistic ideas or beliefs, often about themselves or celebrities.


This playful term refers to when someone playfully pushes someone else's backside, Β often used in videos or memes.

Tush Push

This is a more playful way of saying "get it" or "you got this" used to show encouragement or excitement.


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