Divorce rates in India are a complex issue, varying significantly by state. Let's delve into 8 states with some of the highest rates.

Maharashtra takes the top spot with a staggering 18.7% divorce rate.

Following closely behind is Karnataka, with a 11.7% divorce rate.

Uttar Pradesh, traditionally known for its conservative social structure, surprisingly has an 8.8% divorce rate.

West Bengal comes in with an 8.2% divorce rate.

The national capital, Delhi, reflects the national average with a 7.7% divorce rate.

Tamil Nadu, often perceived as traditional, has a 7.1% divorce rate.

Telangana, a relatively new state, has a 6.7% divorce rate.

Kerala, known for its high literacy rate, also has a 6.3% divorce rate.

The rise in divorce rates doesn't necessarily signify a decline in commitment.  It may reflect a growing desire for individual happiness and fulfilment within marriage.

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