Things Your Dog Thinks About Your Pregnancy (Spoiler: Treat Time!)

Human's round! What is dis? New breed? Snack growing inside? 

Smells different! No bacon? Tiny barks?! Is human making a barking snack?! 

Human clumsy now! More free socks, spilled kibble! Pregnancy perk? Tiny barker = clumsier human? 

Blech! Carrots?! Broccoli?! Tiny barker has bad taste buds! Treat negotiations gonna be ruff!

More napping! More belly rubs! No early walks! Pregnancy = best thing for my snooze schedule! 

Sniffly human watching dog movie?! Tiny barker making her sad? Emotional side effects?! Lick attack needed! 

Paws off! Round part is human's snack storage! I'm official bodyguard! No petting allowed!

Squeaky things! Weird smell, but fun squeaks! Tiny barker share toys? A dog can dream! 

Cold tables, weird smells, pokey people! They take human away! Steal tiny barker?! Must guard them both! 

Roundness exploded! Tiny human arrived! Smells familiar... Maybe tiny barker not so bad after all! Extra cuddles = ultimate treat! 

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