About Us

Sushil Singh

Namaste, Beautiful Souls! I’m Sushil Singh, embracing the vibrant journey of fatherhood in the lively city of Mumbai, India. As a dad to a spirited 10-year-old, I warmly invite you to join hands with me on this exquisite journey of prepartum, pregnancy, and postpartum! 🌼

Embarking on the path of pregnancy is a transformative, life-altering chapter, reshaping our perspectives on responsibility, love, and financial stewardship. It’s a journey adorned with magical moments and sprinkled with challenges that are bound to arise.

In the eloquent words from the Bhagavad Gita, children are seen as divine blessings: ‘Children are the purest form of our devotion and love towards the Almighty.’ They are often regarded as the manifestation of love and the culmination of a journey filled with joy, sacrifice, and moments of melancholy. The depth of these words is truly comprehended when one embarks on the voyage of parenthood.

With a decade of personal experience as a parent and extensive research into prepartum, pregnancy, and postpartum phases, I bring forth insights and knowledge to guide and support you through these crucial periods.

My journey has been enriched by consulting healthcare professionals, reading numerous books, and exploring a plethora of information on these topics, ensuring that the advice and insights shared here are well-researched and reliable.

Pregnancy Boss is committed to providing accurate, trustworthy, and reliable information. Your journey, from contemplating parenthood to navigating through pregnancy and exploring the realms of postpartum, will be supported with genuine advice and heartfelt sharing of experiences.

From the initial moments of contemplating pregnancy to witnessing the first steps of your child, our lives become a whirlwind of emotions – from anxiety and joy to tears, excitement, and occasional fear.

As a dad, my heart overflowed with joy hearing my child’s inaugural cry, felt gratitude watching those first tentative steps, and experienced peace observing them relish their favorite meals.

However, amidst these joyous moments, parenthood also presents its unique set of challenges. From deciphering the myriad of parenting techniques and ensuring a nutritious diet for our children to adapting to their subtle yet impactful changes – the journey is filled with continuous learning and moments of self-doubt.

There have been times when I’ve grappled with feelings of inadequacy as a parent or wondered if our child is meeting societal expectations.

Nevertheless, my pursuit of a blissful family life propelled me to seek solutions, delve into books, explore information, and seek expert advice. Through overcoming these challenges, I’ve learned that raising children is no simple task and requires the right techniques, approaches, and insights. I’ve also discovered the crucial role that physical products and services for children play in supporting us on this journey.

My hope is for Pregnancy Boss to become a cornerstone website that empowers parents-to-be and new parents to navigate through the beautiful phases of prepartum, pregnancy, and postpartum. By sharing invaluable knowledge, I aim to assist in providing your children with thoughtful and reasonable care from you, while also nurturing parental skills vital for your child’s accomplishments and future development.

It’s a joy to contribute to your vibrant, happy family picture 🌈.

For any further inquiries or heartfelt conversations, feel free to reach out via my contact page. Cheers to our journey together! 🥂”