Natural Childbirth, All You Need To Know

Natural Childbirth, All You Need To Know - Newborn feet with a little flower
Newborn feet with a little flower

For many mothers, who had a natural childbirth, it did not mean they were “brave.” It was about treating labor and delivery as a natural event. Many women believe that this experience, despite the pain, is enriching and empowering.

Women who choose to give birth without any medical interventions or drugs, prefer techniques such as relaxation and controlled breathing to relieve pain. With a natural birth, the mother has control over her body, usually under a doctor’s guidance and support during the delivery phase. And when that support comes in the form of human touch, the experience can be even more special.

Human touch has long been known to have a positive impact on our physical and emotional well-being. In childbirth, the use of touch can provide comfort and relief from pain, as well as a sense of safety and security. From a gentle hand on the back to a soothing massage, human touch can make a world of difference in the birthing process.

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What Is Natural Childbirth?

A “natural childbirth” is a type of childbirth that is associated with delivery of a baby without going for any kind of drugs or surgery for that matter. The body is allowed to know the procedure to follow spontaneously. The epidural, which is anesthesia, does not belong to the landscape of natural childbirth.

Many women with a low risk of pregnancy, want to naturally avoid the possible risk that medications may pose for them and their baby. Pain relief medications can affect their delivery. But many women choose natural birth to feel more in touch with their birth experience and proactively engage in natural labor.

Giving birth naturally is in vogue. Many women giving birth to a baby have started to reject the medical world around birth and seek a more physiological approach.

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How to Prepare For Natural Childbirth?

The unknowns of labor and delivery can be daunting. However, with the right preparation, both parents can feel more confident and ready for the big day.

Firstly, you need to decide where you want to give birth, who will deliver the baby for you, and who will lead the team to help you achieve that goal. Also, take the time to talk to many experts, telling them that you want a non-medicated birth.

Gone are the days when future parents did not have the choice of attending birth preparation classes. Today, the preparation techniques are more advanced and varied to adapt to the specific needs of parents and future mothers.

Furthermore, natural childbirth preparation sessions have the added benefit of not only focusing on the birth but also assisting the mother in living a better life, forming a strong bond with the baby before birth, and especially preparing future parents for parenthood.

The birth preparation class provides a comprehensive overview of the various natural techniques and methods so that they are not unfamiliar to you during your delivery. These birth preparation classes will be a great help in choosing the sessions that suit you the most.

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Where Can I Have A Natural Childbirth?

Home Birth And Birth Centers

Some women who desire natural deliveries decide to give birth somewhere other than a hospital, such as a birth center. While giving birth there, women are free to wander around, settle into positions that are most comfortable for them, and spend time in the bathtub or jacuzzi. The infant is frequently examined, sometimes with a portable ultrasound machine. Comfort methods are frequently employed, including hydrotherapy, massage, warm and cold compresses, visualization exercises, and relaxation techniques. Moms can eat and drink while giving birth.

Registered nurses, licensed nurse midwives, and doulas (professionally educated givers of labor support and/or postpartum care who operate as labor assistants) are just a few of the healthcare professionals that may work in the birth center environment.

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In many hospitals, it’s also feasible to deliver a baby in a more natural way. Some hospitals feature birthing facilities that emphasize a natural approach with access to medical help if necessary. Many hospitals provide homelike settings where women can labor, deliver, and recuperate in the same room for low-risk deliveries. If everything appears to be going well, they may take their cues from the laboring lady and allow the labor to go more slowly and without their assistance. They are open to the help of labor aides like midwives or doulas and may utilize alternate pain-management strategies upon request.

Similar to birth centers, additional children, grandparents, and friends could be permitted to attend the birth in addition to the partner. Babies may stay with their mothers longer after birth. This method is frequently referred to as “family-centered care” in its most comprehensive form.

Anyone experiencing a high-risk pregnancy should give birth at a hospital so they may receive any necessary medical care, particularly in the event of an emergency.

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Childbirth In The Water, The Revelation!

This is a revelation/revolution for many moms who enjoy classically giving birth for the first time and who want to listen to their body and try these more natural birth delivery techniques. The muscles dilate naturally with hot water; the pains are much less intense and the woman is much more free to take the position that suits her. So, the choice is yours to choose your position!

Giving Birth In The Water

As soon as the future mother begins to feel painful contractions, she must place herself in a heated bath (37° C). A water birth will work as a soothing agent, which will allow the woman during childbirth to relax a little. Unlike natural birth, the passage of amniotic fluid in hot water would be less traumatic for the baby. Preparation for delivery in the water is favorable, mainly to learn to control breathing during contractions.

Moreover, water birth is not wholly safe, especially for high-risk pregnancies. Before considering the water birth delivery method, you should consult your doctor.

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Techniques For Natural Childbirth

The way you choose to work through your pain is yours. Different women giving birth naturally believe that different methods work better for them. The reason is that many people can control the pain by channeling their energy and concentrating their thoughts on something else. The two most common natural labor and delivery methods in the United States are Lamaze’s method and Bradley’s method.

Lamaze’s Technique

Lamaze’s technique teaches that birth is a standard, natural ,and healthy process, but it takes a neutral stand against pain and encourages women to make an informed decision about whether it is appropriate for them.

Bradley’s Method

Bradley’s method, also called “husband-coached birth,” highlights the natural approach to birth and the active participation of a birth coach. The primary purpose of this technique is to avoid using drugs if they are not entirely necessary. Bradley’s approach also highlights proper nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and relaxation and deep breathing techniques as a method of coping with childbirth. Although Bradley’s approach of advocating delivery without experience teaches parents to prepare for complications or unexpected situations, such as emergency C-sections.

Some of the other natural labor and delivery methods include:

  • Breathing techniques: Controlled breathing can help relax the body and reduce the sensation of pain. Techniques such as deep breathing, slow breathing, and paced breathing can be used to help cope with contractions.
  • Movement and positioning: Changing positions during labor can help relieve discomfort and promote the progress of labor. Walking, rocking, and swaying can help release endorphins, which are natural pain-relieving hormones.
  • Hydrotherapy: Using water can be a very effective way to manage labor pain. Soaking in a warm bath, or shower, or using a birthing pool can help to relax the muscles and ease discomfort.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure: Acupuncture and acupressure are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and can be used to stimulate specific points on the body to relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Hypnobirthing: This technique uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help women cope with labor pain. It aims to teach women how to access a state of deep relaxation and reduce their perception of pain.
  • Massage: Touch can be a powerful tool in managing pain during labor. Massage can help to release tension, increase circulation, and reduce the sensation of pain.
  • Mental imagery and visualization: This technique involves using your imagination to create positive images and sensations that can help reduce the perception of pain.

Videos Of Natural Childbirth

Watch real-life moms bravely embrace the power of their bodies as they bring new life into the world.

What Is Home Birth?

All natural births by mammals are done in a quiet place. This also applies to all humans! So prepare a soft and hygienic place where you feel comfortable with your natural baby delivery.

A Home Birth is an institution run by midwives who follow future mothers before, during, and after birth. The center is not part of the hospital but is geographically close in case of problems.

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Why Give Birth In A Birth House When You Can Give Birth In A Hospital?

Home Birth offers a natural approach to childbirth. The midwifery team listens to you and respects your choices. Home Birth is an institution that encourages natural baby birth. The delivery is never induced, you will not receive an epidural. The hospital is a secure but sometimes more impersonal place.

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Prepare A Birth Plan

A natural birth plan is just a simple piece of writing, which you can do on a blank sheet of paper, where you record your expectations during labor and delivery.

But, did you know that you can decide how your delivery will take place? And you can even plan it a few months in advance with a birth plan! All you have to do is sit down with your partner and think about some important questions, write them down in black and white, and hand them over to the healthcare professional responsible for your delivery. Thus, even if pain or emotion prevents you from reacting during your delivery, the caregiver will know what decision to make based on your initial choices.

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Beware Of Misconceptions

Although birth is often considered one of the most exciting events in human experience, it is very different from one woman to another, even from one pregnancy to the next. Some women experience pain differently, with some experiencing menstrual cramps and others experiencing severe pressure. New mothers are more likely to evaluate their depression than those who have not had a baby yet.

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In Case Of Complications

There are also cases where nature plays dirty tricks. A cesarean section or forceps may then be necessary. This is not a failure: ideal childbirth does not exist, and one must know how to compromise with reality.

Natural childbirth is very safe, but it is dangerous when a woman disregards the recommendations of her healthcare provider or refuses a medical intervention if anything else goes wrong.

Moreover, you need to try as much as possible to deliver naturally, but if it turns out that the pain is too intense, do not feel guilty about seeking medical attention. Giving birth is an excellent and rewarding experience, with or without medical intervention.


So, natural childbirth is a powerful and transformative experience for both the mother and the baby. It is a unique journey that every woman should have the opportunity to experience. By watching videos of natural childbirth, you can gain a deeper understanding of the process and feel more empowered and prepared for your birth experience. However, it is crucial for you to be open to medical assistance in the event of complications. In an emergency,, refusal of medical assistance may endanger your life and the life of your child.

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