Top 1000 Spanish Baby Girl Names with Meaning – 2024

Happy family with newborn baby girl - Spanish Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Are you looking for a beautiful and meaningful name for your baby girl? Spanish names have captured the imagination of parents worldwide, and for a good reason. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world and is an official language in 21 countries. With such a vast number of speakers, it is no wonder that Spanish names are now among the top names in several countries, including the US. In this blog post, we will explore the top 1000 Spanish baby girl names with their meanings for 2024.

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Popular Spanish Girl Names

Here are some of the most popular Spanish girl names for 2024:

  • Isla: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: island
  • Isabella: Origin: Spanish/Italian; Meaning: devoted to God
  • Lucia: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: light
  • Martina: Origin: Spanish/Latin; Meaning: warlike
  • Valentina: Origin: Spanish/Latin; Meaning: strong, healthy
  • Sofia: Origin: Spanish/Greek; Meaning: wisdom
  • Emilia: Origin: Spanish/Latin; Meaning: rival
  • Camila: Origin: Spanish/Latin; Meaning: young ceremonial attendant
  • Gabriela: Origin: Spanish/Hebrew; Meaning: God is my strength
  • Catalina: Origin: Spanish/Greek; Meaning: pure

Unique Spanish Girl Names

Here are some unique Spanish girl names for 2024:

  • Adhara: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: maiden
  • Alba: Origin: Spanish/Latin; Meaning: dawn
  • Amada: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: loved
  • Belinda: Origin: Spanish/German; Meaning: pretty one
  • Cielo: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: sky
  • Esperanza: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: hope
  • Ines: Origin: Spanish/Portuguese; Meaning: pure
  • Luna: Origin: Spanish/Latin; Meaning: moon
  • Paloma: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: dove
  • Solana: Origin: Spanish; Meaning: sunshine

Top 1000 Spanish Baby Girl Names With Meaning – 2024

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With A

AlondraIt is the meaning of a bird. A short form for “Alejandra.” The Spanish word ‘alondra’ also means “Lark.”Girl
AnahiUncertain; One form of word for maize in CaribGirl
AbigealThe father’s rejoiceGirl
AbriendaThe opening or the inaugurationGirl
AcelaA flower from the God or the ash treeGirl
AchaThe holly bushes or plantsUnisex
AdaliraA kind person, nobleGirl
AddolorataOur Lady of the sorrows or grief; Virgin MaryGirl
AdelinaA form of AdelineGirl
AdolfoNoble wolfUnisex
AdonciaA sweet girl, sweet like honeyGirl
AdoracionAn act of religious worshipGirl
AdrianaFrom HadriaUnisex
AelgerA bright or merry personGirl
AelinaBright shining light, a torchGirl
AgataOne who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle, and a nature lover.Girl
AgneseA variant of Agnes. It means lamb.Girl
AguedaSpanish and Portuguese form of AGATHA.Girl
AhoviraMeans in a while, later, or yeah, I’ll get to it (eventually)Girl
AhvanaThe capital city of CubaGirl
AinaBeautiful Eyed WomanGirl
AinhoaRefers to the Virgin MaryGirl
AitanaHigh honorGirl
AixaPronounced as EY-SHaa. Primarily used in the Spanish languageGirl
AldonzaA girl who is sweet and nice towards othersGirl
AlejandraDefender of mankindGirl
AletiaHonest, candid, sincereGirl
AlexiaGuardian Of MankindGirl
AliciaOf Noble BirthGirl
AlishaProtected by GodGirl
AlitaOf a noble kind; Little Winged; Noble; HonorableGirl
AllegraJoy, delight, joyfulnessGirl
AllegriaHappiness, pleasure, cheerfulnessGirl
AllmiraFrom AlmeiraGirl
AlmeriaAristocratic Lady; Work RulerGirl
AlmiraOf Higher Birth OrderGirl
AltaExalted and elevated majestic grace of MaryUnisex
AltagraciaSupreme grace like that of Jesus’s Mother MaryGirl
AlvaExalted white old friend who has the supremacy of a supernatural beingUnisex
AlveraDearly Loved; True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of ElviraGirl
AlviraDearly Loved; True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of ElviraGirl
AmadaLovable; Beloved; Loved One; One who loves GodGirl
AmarantaEverlasting and unfading flowerGirl
AmataMeant for love and is immortal like the state of nirvana experienced by BuddhaGirl
AmayaBeautiful night rainGirl
AmelinaEager to work; ImitatingGirl
AmelindaWork Serpent or Weak WorkerGirl
AmilaHopeful, righteous, and reliable peopleGirl
AmindaProtector of mankind loved by allGirl
AmiyahBeautiful night rainGirl
AmoraInsightful, bright, and beautiful creaturesGirl
AmparoIndustrious, hardworking, and a protectorGirl
AnGracious and satisfyingUnisex
AnaGracious and satisfyingGirl
AnabellaGraceful and Beautiful; Easy to Love; Gracious; Lovable beauty; A variant of AnabelGirl
AnaliaCombination of Ana and Lia; A variant transcription is AnaliyahGirl
AnaliliaGracious one who always thinks about othersGirl
AndeanaLeaving; Combination of Andi and Anna; A variant form is AndeaneGirl
AndreaFeminine of Andrew; Defender of mankind who is manly and strongGirl
AneGod was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace; Variation of Anna; Variant of AnnGirl
AnetaGod was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace; Variation of Anna; Variant of AnnGirl
AngelaAn angel sent from heaven to spread peace and loveGirl
AngelesA messenger and the angels of God sent from heavenUnisex
AngeliaMessenger of God; Angel; A derivative of AngelaGirl
AngelinaHoly angels of God sent from heavenGirl
AngelitaAngels of GodGirl
AnitaGod was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; Variation of AnnaGirl
AnjelinaVariation of Angelina or Angela, which means An AngelGirl
AnnitaGod was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; Variation of AnnaGirl
AnnittaGod was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; Variation of AnnaGirl
AntonietaBeautiful flower worthy of praiseGirl
AntoninaWorthy of praise and pricelessGirl
ApoloniaFeminine form of Apollonis derived from Greek name Apollo, which means StrengthGirl
AraceliName derived from heavenGirl
AraceliaAltar formed in heavenGirl
AracelyHoly altar from heavenGirl
AramaAnother name for Virgin MaryGirl
AraseliWonderful treasureGirl
ArcadiaSimple and happyGirl
ArceliaTreasure chestGirl
ArceniaMasculine and strongGirl
ArelyLight or vision of God; Lion of God; HeroGirl
ArgentinaSilver; Derived from Latin word ArgentumGirl
AriadnaBeautiful daughter of MinosGirl
ArletEagle; Name of an east Indian spiceGirl
ArmidaArmed one like a beautiful enchantressGirl
ArseniaVirile; Feminine of ArsenioGirl
ArtemisiaGift from ArtemisGirl
AscencionLittle Noble oneGirl
AsuncionAssumption; Born During the Feast of Assumption; A variation of the name AsuncionGirl
AtalayaSpanish name meaning guard towerGirl
AurelianaGolden, unique, and creative individualsGirl
AyaDesign, colorful or beautiful. Also means ‘bees’ in Old German.Girl
AymaraPeople of the South AndesGirl
AzaharaPleasant and beautiful flowerGirl
AzoraBlue and clear skyGirl
AzuraOf sky blue colorGirl
AzurineSky-blue; A variant form of the name AzureGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With B

BahiaCharismatic and brilliant beautyGirl
BailaBeautiful form of danceGirl
BajaLower one; name of a placeGirl
BaleaCarefree, happy, and free-spiritedUnisex
BayaBerry, a small roundish juicy fruit without a stoneGirl
BeatrisaVariant of Beatrice. Bringer of joyGirl
BeatrizBrings JoyGirl
BelenBethlehem; An ArrowGirl
Belia“God’s promise”; a variant of Isabel (Hebrew) – form of Belle. Unusual as a baby female name.Girl
BeliciaDedicated To GodGirl
BelindaBright SerpentGirl
BelitaBeautiful, Stunning, AttractiveGirl
BeniciaBlessed OneGirl
BenignaWoman with a kind dispositionGirl
BenitaGood PersonGirl
BernadinaBear; Courageous; Feminine of BernardGirl
BernarditaSpanish feminine form of BernardoGirl
BertaFamous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or GloriousGirl
BethaniaForm of BethanyGirl
BeylaBy God!Girl
BibianaLively, dynamicGirl
BibianeLively, energetic, ActiveGirl
BinnyForm of Bianca; White; BlessedGirl
BlandinaLatin name meaning “charming”Girl
BonieGorgeous, beautifulGirl
BonitaPretty little womanGirl
BonnyBeautiful and very charmingGirl
BrendyA sword; a weapon used at the time of warsGirl
BriciaVery strong womanGirl
BriendaAn open oneGirl
BrigidaStrong, firm, healthy womanGirl
BrisaLike a breezeGirl
BrunildaProtector in the battleGirl
BuenaOne with good natureGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With C

CadelariaA woman born in the CandlemasGirl
CalidaThe most beautifulGirl
CaliforniaA US state nameGirl
CalliThe most beautiful among all womenGirl
CalvinaA bald womanGirl
CalvineA hairless womanGirl
CambreyA changing womanGirl
CamileA free-born womanGirl
CancianaOne belonging to Anzio, ItalyGirl
CandelaBurns like a candleGirl
CandelariaLike a candleGirl
CandeloraA form of Candelaria, meaning candleGirl
CandessA little candleGirl
CandiGlows brightGirl
CandiceSparkling, glowing womanGirl
CandilaGlow is whiteGirl
CanyonA very large ravine, a canyonGirl
CareneLittle beloved, pure, and darling oneGirl
CariVery dear oneGirl
CarianaLittle darling oneGirl
CaridadVery charitable personGirl
CarillaMainly womanGirl
CarindaBeloved dear girlGirl
CarinnaVery little and dearGirl
CaritaBeloved, dear, deeply cared for womanGirl
CarlaWoman who acts like a man doesGirl
CarlitaLittle one acting very mainlyGirl
CarlotaStrong womanGirl
CarlottaHas a man’s strengthGirl
CarlytaTo be a free womanGirl
CarmeLike a garden; harvestGirl
CarmeliaHas a gardenGirl
CarmelitaLike a beautiful gardenGirl
CarmellaWoman of goldGirl
CarmelleMade of goldGirl
CarmellianaNoble golden girlGirl
CarmenLike a fruitful gardenGirl
CarmencitaLittle one like a gardenGirl
CarmerlitaCute little girl like a gardenGirl
CarmillaWoman from the orchardGirl
CarminLike a beautiful songGirl
CarminaLike a songGirl
CarmindaLike a beautiful songGirl
CarmitaWoman with rosy cheeksGirl
CarmyaTender songGirl
CarolinaSong of joy and happinessGirl
CarolindaPretty and free girlGirl
CarrinaLittle darlingGirl
CarrissaVery dear womanGirl
CasildaDwelling placeGirl
CastaPious and pure womanGirl
CastaneaNewfound purityGirl
CatalenaUnsullied woman of pure natureGirl
CatalinVery pure ladyGirl
CatalineGenuine and pure womanGirl
CataloniaName of a region in SpainGirl
CatalynPure and genuineGirl
CayetanaPerson from GaetaGirl
CelerinaQuick oneGirl
CelestaHeavenly bodyGirl
CelestinaHeavenly or celestial individualUnisex
CeliaOne from the heavenGirl
CesariaHead of hairGirl
ChalinaVariant of RosalinaGirl
ChallenShining MoonUnisex
ChanaFavor from almighty GodGirl
ChanahGracious beingGirl
ChapaBeaver; metal tinGirl
CharitaMaster of pleasant characterGirl
CharvalaOn God’s oathGirl
ChavelaWhere God is oathGirl
ChayaFilled with life and happinessGirl
ChecheSmall thingUnisex
CheloProviding consolationGirl
ChicaSweet little girlGirl
ChiquitaLittle gifted girlGirl
ChlarindaBright; clear; dazzling; intenseGirl
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
ChonchaSeashell; an empty shell of an animal usually found on seashoresGirl
ChrisanneVariant of Chrysantus, a golden flower found in North Eastern QueenslandGirl
ChristabelBeautiful follower of Lord Jesus, the son of GodGirl
ChristabellChristianity follower who is beautifulGirl
ChrysannVariant of Chrysanthus plantGirl
ChrysannaVariety of the plant ChrysanthusGirl
CiaraDark; something that is not fair in complexionGirl
CieraAn angel; a messenger of GodGirl
CierraBlack; the darkest color of allGirl
CiraThe sun; the source of energy for mankindGirl
ClaraDistinguished, clear and brightGirl
ClarisaDerived from ‘Claris’, which means bright, clear and attractiveGirl
ClarissaClear; something that is easy to understand and interpretGirl
ClaritaClear or transparent; easily understoodGirl
ClaudiaFeminine form of ‘Claudius’; a 7th-century saintGirl
ClaudinaFeeble; lameGirl
ClavelSpanish name for carnation, a bright flowerGirl
ClementiaSoft, gentle, good-natured, and lenientGirl
ClementinaFeminine derivative of ‘Clement’; gentle, soft, and pleasantGirl
CloeA green shoot; a sign of growing or developingGirl
CocoTo help someone in needGirl
ColinaLittle dog; a pup; a young dogGirl
ConcepcionConception; the act of fertilization in animalsGirl
ConcettaReference to Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary in her mother’s wombGirl
ConchaSeashell; outer shell of a marine animal, necessary for its protectionGirl
ConchitaDerived from “Concha”, meaning seashell in SpanishGirl
ConsolationTitle given to Virgin Mary; can also mean solaceGirl
ConstanciaSteadfast, reliable, and trustworthyGirl
ConstanzaAbiding, stable, and persistent; never changingGirl
ConsueloConsoling someone at their time of distressGirl
CorisandeFlower of the heart; the person closest to the heartGirl
Crescencia“To grow” in FrenchGirl
CristinaDiminutive of “Christine”; follower and believer of ChristGirl
CruzitaLittle crossGirl
CucaGambling womanGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With D

DaboraA BeeGirl
DacioFrom ArcyGirl
DaejaAlready; strong personGirl
DaijaAlready in makingGirl
DalaryGift of GodGirl
DaliDrawn towards GodUnisex
DamaA noble womanGirl
DamitaA little noble ladyGirl
DanielaGod is powerfulGirl
DeianiraGreatest destruction everGirl
DejaOne who has already been madeGirl
DelizRoman empress; one who gives pleasureGirl
DelmaA person who came out of the seaGirl
DeloraSorrow; one who is near seashoreGirl
DeloresVirgin Mary; one who is filled with painGirl
DelorisOne who is dipped in sorrowGirl
DenisaForm of Denis; one who works for othersGirl
DiaDaughter of morning; dayGirl
DianaA divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirthGirl
DignaOne who is worthy of all the praiseGirl
DionisiaOne who spreads light; coming from lampGirl
DitaOne who spoils; a happy warfareGirl
DoloraDerivative of German name Dolores, meaning ‘Sorrow’Girl
DoloreaVirgin Mary of SorrowsGirl
DoloresDerived meaning in Spanish means ‘Sorrow’Girl
DolorisMeans ‘Sorrow’ in SpanishGirl
DomingaOne who is born on the day of the LordGirl
DominicaOne who is very close to LordGirl
DonaLady; one who is very respectableGirl
DoresPain and sufferingGirl
DorindaCreative individual who is a Gift of GodGirl
DoroteiaVariant of Dorothea, meaning gift of GodGirl
DrinaOne who defends mankind; variant nameGirl
DucelFilled with sweetnessGirl
DuenaProtective Companion; a chaperonGirl
DulceSomeone who is sweet by natureGirl
DulceaVery sweet-naturedGirl
DulcinaLovely; creativeGirl
DulcineaOne who has a sweet and lovely natureGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With E

EarlinaA very strong and noble womanGirl
EchaTo give blessings; to give good thingsUnisex
EdelmiraPrincess; one who is a great and famous personGirl
EdgidaMade of goat skin shieldGirl
EdgidiaWarrior using goat skin shieldGirl
EdgythA brave and powerful warriorGirl
EditaSuccessful in warfareGirl
EiderBeautiful and pretty-haired ladyGirl
EillivaIndependent, noble, and faithful beingGirl
EkisaOne who is consecrated to GodGirl
ElbertinaOne who has a noble heart and mindGirl
EldoraGiven to many saintsGirl
EleanoraShining and bright lightGirl
EleeshaA shining and bright individual; form of HelenGirl
ElenaBright one; Greek name HelenGirl
EliaHas a good feeling about the LordGirl
ElianPassionate and loving human beingUnisex
ElodiaProsperous and richGirl
EloisaAnother form of Louise; healthy and wide individualGirl
ElsaGod who provides satisfaction; truthGirl
ElsiMy God is a vowGirl
ElveraWhite or truthGirl
ElvisaHealthy and safeGirl
ElvivaTrustworthy or alert or whiteGirl
EmaSerious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of JarlGirl
EmeldaEntire battleGirl
EmelianaContinually strive or excel against a rivalGirl
EmelothKing Arthur’s castle during the medieval agesGirl
EmeraldPrecious gemstone with the same nameGirl
EmeraudeFrench word for emeraldGirl
EmiliaRival or emulate or excelGirl
EncarnacionReference to the incarnationGirl
EnedeliaNobility or a noble personGirl
EnricuaFemale form of Enrique, meaning all-powerful rulerGirl
EnriquetaFeminized version of the word Enrique, meaning ruler of the homeGirl
EoduinFamous character from a novel; the Dark Angel TrilogyGirl
EolandeViolet flowerGirl
ErciliaCharacter from Roman mythological legendsGirl
ErendiraPrincess of peaceGirl
EriellaSpanish word for Lioness of GodGirl
ErizeldaBattle maidenGirl
ErlinaShield or noblewoman or an elfinGirl
ErmenhildaHuge treasureUnisex
ErmenildaPowerful warriorGirl
ErmenjartExtremely powerful warriorGirl
ErnestaSpanish word meaning determined and seriousGirl
ErsiliaCharacter in Roman mythologyGirl
EsabellaDevoted to God for salvationGirl
EsmereldaFeminized Spanish word meaning the emerald jewelGirl
EstefanaCrowned with laurelsGirl
EstefaniWealth or crown or honorGirl
EstefaniaHonor or wealth or gloryGirl
EstefanyCrowned or glory or wealthGirl
EstelaSpanish word for stars in the skyGirl
EstelitaBright sparkling starsGirl
EstellaSpanish feminized word meaning starsGirl
EstelleIlluminating bright sparkling stars in the skyGirl
EsteraPolish word for starGirl
EstralitaLittle starGirl
EstrellaFeminized word meaning starGirl
EstrellitaFeminized word meaning little starGirl
EtelvinaNoble friendGirl
EulariaVery soft-spoken or speaks very sweetlyGirl
EulettaSoft-spoken or sweet-spoken personGirl
EuliaName of a saint; or a soft and sweet-spoken personGirl
EvaLife or living oneGirl
EvangalistaGood messengerGirl
EveliaSpanish word meaning lifeGirl
EviaShe is breathing and livingGirl
EvianaWoman who lives and breathesGirl
EvitaDiminutive of Eva, means a mother of all that livesGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With F

FabianaA little woman who farms beansGirl
FabiolaA girl who grows beansGirl
FabrianaA woman who is craftyGirl
FargoPerson who comes from the fenced pastureUnisex
FaustinaA little lucky womanGirl
FeSpanish name meaning trustGirl
FeliceA fortunate and happy ladyGirl
FeliciaOne blessed with luckGirl
FelicitasA happy and lucky ladyGirl
FelipaWoman who is friends with horsesGirl
FelisaA lucky and successful ladyGirl
FeliseShe is luckyGirl
FelisiaTo have luck in lifeGirl
FelitaShe is blessed with luckGirl
FelixaA woman who is blessed with good fortune and luckGirl
FelizShe is fortunateGirl
FeliziaShe is very luckyGirl
FerdinandeOn a daring journeyGirl
FerminaA woman’s strengthGirl
FernandaAn adventurous girl travelerGirl
FernanditaA young and bold voyagerGirl
FidellaA true and faithful womanGirl
FifiOne who will add; short for JosephineGirl
FiliaFriendship, love (in Greek); daughter (Latin)Girl
FilisGreen verdure, lush greeneryGirl
FinaOne who shall addGirl
FlorentinaVersion of Florentin; means ‘blossoming’ or ‘flourishing’Girl
FlorianaVariation of ‘Florence’; symbolizes ‘blossoming’Girl
FloridaMeans a bloom or a flower; flowering EasterGirl
FlorindaGoddess of Latin name ‘Flora’; means ‘flowers’Girl
FloritaAltered version of ‘Flora’; represents a flower or blossomGirl
FondaSomething intense and deep-rooted; profoundGirl
FortunaMeans Luck or chance; Name of mythological Roman goddess of LuckGirl
FortunataFeminine version of ‘Fortunate’; represents a lucky and blessed personGirl
FranciscaFrom FranceUnisex
FreiraRefers to a female sibling; pious sisterGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With G

GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabriellaGod is my strengthUnisex
GaleniaSmall, but intelligent oneGirl
GenovevaSpanish and Portuguese form of Genevieve (White color wave)Girl
GeorginaA form of GeorgiaGirl
GeraldaOne who can handle the spear very wellGirl
GertrudisThe person who has the force like a spearGirl
GezanaRefers to manifestation or embodimentGirl
GinaWell Born (comes from a Greek word)Girl
GitanaGypsy, WandererGirl
GracianaVariant of word grace; decency and intelligenceGirl
GrecilDynamic, bright, emotional people; hypersensitiveGirl
GregoriaVery competent, practical, and powerful; strong business mindGirl
GregorieVery competent, practical, and powerful; strong business mindGirl
GuadalupeTruly respected in society as a defender of the individualsGirl
GuadelupeTruly respected in society as a defender of the individualsGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With H

HerminaMessenger; Army man; Heap of stones; Cairn; A variant form of name HermineGirl
HermineGerman feminine form of HERMANGirl
HerminiaLady of the earth; Dedicated; Messenger; Army man; Heap of stones; Cairn; A variant form of name Hermine; of HermesGirl
HermosaSpanish name meaning Beautiful; A variant spelling is HermosahGirl
HersiliaOld Greek – Delicate; TenderGirl
HeufemiaSpanish Girls nameGirl
HuelaFeminine form of HughGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With I

IdoniaIndustrious and fruitfulGirl
IracemaHoney lipsGirl
IriaColorful or rainbowGirl
IrisRainbow which originated from a flower’s name in GreekGirl
IsabelaPledged to GodGirl
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
IsabellyVariant of Isabella, meaning God is my oathGirl
IslaFrom Islay or Aileach, which means Rocky PlaceGirl
IsoldaThe ruler of iceGirl
ItzayanaVariation of Itzel, Rainbow ladyGirl
ItzelRainbow ladyGirl
IzabellaPledged to GodGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With J

JacentaA name of Hyacinth flowerGirl
JacieShe who heals peopleGirl
JacindaOne who is like the hyacinth flowerGirl
JacintaA woman with hyacinth color eyesGirl
JacinthaShe who smells like a hyacinth flowerGirl
JacintheA woman who smells lovely, like a hyacinth flowerGirl
JacyndaA rejuvenated womanGirl
JacynthA woman who looks like hyacinth flowerGirl
JadieA form of the name Jade, which means green gemstoneGirl
JadziaDiminutive of Jadwiga, the Polish form of Hedwig; Spanish – JadeGirl
JaimeeShe is the heel holderGirl
JakindaOne who is beautiful and attractiveGirl
JanaMan; People; One who is a kind human beingGirl
JanitaHebrew name meaning God’s giftGirl
JavieraOwner of the new houseGirl
JaydaA form of jade, resembling the green gemstoneGirl
JeseniaHebrew – God Beholds; ForesightGirl
JessechiaA God’s gift born in the daylightGirl
JesseniaFlower; A variant of Jesenia which means in Hebrew – God Beholds; ForesightGirl
JovitaMerry, cheerful, and good-humoredGirl
JovonnaMerry, cheerful, and good-humoredGirl
JuanaGift of GodGirl
JuanettaNice and have no bounds to enjoy their lifeGirl
JuanitaGod’s precious gift and God has been graciousGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With K

KarimeThe Attractive OneGirl
KarmenFruitful OrchardGirl
KarymeAn extremely attractive personGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With L

LandaThe white sea birdGirl
LandradaThe advice giver, counselorGirl
LanitaGod has shown favorGirl
LaquintaThe fifth one in a rowGirl
LaraFamous personGirl
LarayBeautiful shine of the Sun raysGirl
LareinaThe Queen, a woman that rulesGirl
LarenaThe Queen who rules the people and the countryGirl
LatishaPerson filled with joyGirl
LatoriaVictorious oneGirl
LeocadiaSplendid brightnessGirl
LeokadiaBright, White oneGirl
LeonorLight, luminous and bright oneGirl
LeonoraLight of compassionGirl
LeonorahIlluminated and compassionate personGirl
LeraAllusion to the Virgin MaryGirl
LeticiaSpreads joy and happinessGirl
LevinaDear friendGirl
LiaWeary mistress or rulerGirl
LichaHonorable and nobleGirl
LidiaFrom Lydia, a Greek regionGirl
LilianaLily, pure and innocent personGirl
LiliosaSpanish variant of LilyGirl
LindaBeautiful woman; SerpentGirl
LiviaEnvious person; color blueGirl
LluvySoothing sound of falling rainGirl
LoDiminutive of Dolores, means SorrowGirl
LolitaFamous bearer; SorrowGirl
LomaSmall hillGirl
LondreEscapade, a LarkGirl
LorahBeautiful as a flowerGirl
LorcaPlace name of the region Navarre in SpainUnisex
LorenaTraveler from ancient LaurentumGirl
LourdesReferring to the Virgin MaryGirl
LuciaWhite, bright lightGirl
LucianaLight, illuminationGirl
LucillaGraceful light, illuminationGirl
LucindaShines with graceful lightGirl
LucitaLittle lightGirl
LucreciaBrings lightGirl
LuisaFamous battle maidGirl
LuisanaLoud fighterGirl
LuisinaMaiden in warGirl
LupitaOur Lady of GuadalupeGirl
LuveniaAncestor of Roman peopleGirl
LuzaLady of the lightGirl
LuzianaOur Lady of LightGirl
LuzmariaCombination of Luz and MariaGirl
LyndeGentle personUnisex
LynnePlace by the lakeGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With M

MacaHappy and culturedGirl
MacarenaThe blessed oneGirl
MadiaBitter oneGirl
MadicellaInsightful, sensitive, and energetic individualGirl
MadinaCity of the ProphetGirl
MadraMother, motherlyGirl
MadreSpanish word for motherGirl
MadridPlace name in SpainUnisex
MadronaMother GoddessGirl
MafaldaPowerful warriorGirl
MagdalaOf Magdala; High TowerGirl
MagdalinaWoman from the tower townGirl
MahoganyDark Red WoodGirl
MaiceanHair color like cornGirl
MaisaWalking proudlyGirl
ManuellaGod is with usGirl
MarabellaSea of bitterness and sorrowGirl
MarbellaSpanish place nameGirl
MarciellaYoung warriorGirl
MargariaDaisy flowerGirl
MargaridaPortuguese word for daisyGirl
MargaritaBeautiful as a pearlGirl
MargeriaDaisy flowerGirl
MariajoseBitterly wanted childGirl
MarianelaRebellious and like a starGirl
MariannaGlorious sea of sorrowGirl
MaricelWarlike girlGirl
MaricelaCombative young girlGirl
MariczaBitter womanGirl
MarifelMiria-sea of sorrow and Felicity-happinessGirl
MarinaWoman of the seaGirl
MariposaBeautiful and delicate as a butterflyGirl
MarisaChild that was wished forGirl
MariselaWoman who is warlike and aggressiveGirl
MarisolLike the sea of solitudeGirl
MarissaBeautiful lady of the seaGirl
MaristeYoung woman of the seaGirl
MaritesLady of the seaGirl
MaritzaBlessed womanGirl
MarquitaNoble title, means march, borderlandGirl
MartaDedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of MarcGirl
MartinaWarring, warlike womanGirl
MartiniPetite woman, soldier of MarsGirl
MartitaTrue lady, dameGirl
MarvelleMiraculous oneGirl
MassielCame down from the starsGirl
MatiSpiritual thoughtGirl
MatiaGift from GodGirl
MatildeMighty in battle; Mighty Battle MaidenGirl
MayaUncertain; Perhaps Mother or Great One; IllusionGirl
MaylaReligious gatheringGirl
MayteEasy to loveGirl
MecheFull of mercyGirl
MelaniaObscure, dwells in dark places, invisiblenessGirl
MeliaImitating; Rivaling; Work; War Horn; Flatterer, IndustriousGirl
MercedesUnlimited grace, recompense of worthy acts, remunerationGirl
MercheSense of propriety and consideration for othersGirl
MersadesVirgin Mary; favor, pity; honorGirl
MiaDearly loved by everyoneGirl
MicaelaWho is like GodGirl
MigdaliaTower; From a tower; Variant form of MigdalGirl
MiguelaWho is like GodGirl
MilaGracious or beautiful dearGirl
MilagraAwesome and exceptional thingGirl
MilagroMiracle, something unnaturalGirl
MilagrosSuper-natural activityGirl
MinClever person, sharp-minded, quick respondingGirl
MinadorasGift from the moon or light of the moonGirl
MiosotiSmall flower or tiny shrubGirl
MiraWonderful personGirl
MirabelleLovely; Wonderful; Admire; Wondrous BeautyGirl
MirariMiraculous actGirl
MirasolFully grown beautiful sunflowerGirl
MireiaTo admire, admiredGirl
MirellaGod Has Spoken; To admire; WonderfulGirl
MireyaGod Has Spoken; To admire; WonderfulGirl
MiriamSea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished-for childGirl
MirindaWonderful person, admirable personGirl
MirtaEvergreen shrub or small treeGirl
MitziRebellion, one who is against wrongGirl
MitzyWoman who wished for a childGirl
MoaLovable, kind, and friendlyGirl
ModerPrince from East-Indian RegionUnisex

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With N

NaiaNymph (Latin); Hope (Russian)Girl
NaiaraRefers to the Virgin MaryGirl
NalleliOne with beautiful eyesGirl
NallelyPossessing a pair of good-looking eyesGirl
NaolinAztec ancient tribe god of the sunGirl
NarcisaTransparent and green piece of precious gem, EmeraldGirl
NataliaNewcomer to this world on Christ’s born dayGirl
NatalinaCame to existence on Christmas dayGirl
NathaliaSame birthday as ChristGirl
NatividadChristmas day childGirl
NayaraOf the Virgin MaryGirl
NeeraUnpolluted water, clean water, sugaryGirl
NeinaA city by the streamGirl
NeridaSea goblin or sea gnomeGirl
NevaWhite snowGirl
NichaelaWinner, victorious oneGirl
NicolasaThe people who win the title winnerGirl
NidiaDisposed to bestow favorsGirl
NieuPure or spotless girlGirl
NievaSpotless and unpollutedGirl
NievesWhite snowflakes fall from the skyGirl
NinaPrecious talent from the most high GodGirl
NinetteValuable talent from GodGirl
NinfaBeloved Angel of GodGirl
NitaMoral or faithful person (Hindi); God’s gift (Spanish)Girl
NoaUndertaking, wave program, indicationUnisex
NoeliaDelightful Christmas timeGirl
NoemiAgreeable nature, enjoyablenessGirl
NohemiLovely, wonderful, enjoyableGirl
NoraPossessing righteousness and brightnessGirl
NoritaTradition, law, act, decreeGirl
NuriaLord of the burning fireGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With O

OcaSplendor or the glory of the most charming KingGirl
OdalisFrench variant of Moses, meaning drawn out or born ofGirl
OfeliaOne who supports or helps others as a friendGirl
OlyffeResembles the olive treeGirl
OnNumber one, first numberGirl
OnaNumber one, the first and foremostGirl
OndinaVery tiny waves in the large oceanGirl
OraziaOne who is watching the time periodGirl
OrengiaHaving the sour and sweet quality of orangeGirl
OrindaOne who studies diligently and likes to read a lotGirl
OrlandaMaster of all aboveGirl
OrquideaEnjoyable, pleasurable, entertainingGirl
OsanaBeing happy, healthy, and prosperousGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With P

PablaLittle, Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulaGirl
PacaFrenchwoman; a free personGirl
PaccaAnother name for a pussycat; lovely personGirl
PacienciaOne who endures with courage; PatientGirl
PalomaDove; Peaceful; Derived from Palumbus, a symbol of peaceGirl
PalomiDove; Peaceful; Derived from Palumbus, a symbol of peaceGirl
PameliaHoney coated individualGirl
PamelinaHoneyed, sweet like honeyGirl
PazPeace-loving individualGirl
PerlaPearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of PearlGirl
PervincaName of a plant called periwinkle; character in Italian book Fairy OakGirl
PetaGolden EagleGirl
PiedadPious; Godly; HonorableGirl
PilaPillar, a column of the buildingGirl
PilarPillar; SupportGirl
PirroFlame-colored hairUnisex
PlacidaQuiet and calm womanGirl
PlesanciaFrom the city of Plesancia in Western SpainGirl
PorcaFemale pigGirl
PreciosaValuable, precious baby girlGirl
PrestaHurry, QuickGirl
PresthaHurry, Quick; Variant spelling of PrestaGirl
PriscilaAncient womanGirl
PrudenciaPrudent personGirl
PucelaCity in Spain meaning virginGirl
PumaMountain Lion; Variant of Pomo and PoumaGirl
PuraPure, genuine personalityGirl
PurezaGenuine and pure womanGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Q

QuerubeFrom Querubin, name given to angels in SpanishGirl
QuintannaThe fifth girlGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With R

RacquelA little lamb, eweGirl
RafaelaFemale version of Rafael, means God has healedGirl
RafaellaShe who has been held by GodGirl
RaimundaSpanish – Wise DefenderGirl
RamiraSpanish – Judicious; Wise, FamousGirl
RamonaMighty Protector; Defender; Destroyer of Evil; Fighter and GuardianGirl
RamondaA wise protectorGirl
RamonitaShe who is in great protectionGirl
RaquelAn innocent personGirl
RaquelleHebrew – Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RayenSpanish – FlowerGirl
RayoSpanish – Bright; Light; A variant of RelloGirl
RayquelHebrew – InnocentGirl
RebecaA woman who baits menGirl
RefugioOne who is a refugeGirl
ReiaGermanic – Counsel; Advice; Latin – Queen; A variant of RainaGirl
ReinaThe Queen of peopleGirl
ReinetteOne who is like a little queenGirl
RemediosSpanish – Remedy; Cure; HelpGirl
ReyesSpanish word meaning kingsUnisex
ReynaGermanic – Counsel; Advice; Latin – Queen; A spelling variant of RainaGirl
ReynaldaA Queen of peopleGirl
RheannaSpanish – Mouth of River; A variant form of Rhea; A short form of name MariaGirl
RhiaA woman from the mouth of the riverGirl
RiaSpanish – Mouth of River; A variant spelling is Rhea; A short form of name MariaGirl
RitaOld Greek – Pearl; Way of life; A variant of name MargaretGirl
RoanaReddish-brown skin; One who has beautiful reddish brown skinGirl
RocioOne who is like a dewGirl
RoisiaOne who is like a rosary, like beadsGirl
RomanaA Roman womanGirl
RomaneA name of the Roman womanGirl
RomonaOne who has protecting handsGirl
RosaA woman who is like a dewGirl
RosaliaLatin – Rose; Germanic – Horse Shield of lime wood; pretty roseGirl
RosalinaA girl with lips of a roseGirl
RosalindLatin – Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalindaA woman pretty as a roseGirl
RosalineShe is as pretty as a flower roseGirl
RosalvaWoman who is a white roseGirl
RosalynLatin – Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosamariaOne who is a rose, a dew of a seaGirl
RosaritaAn uncommon name that means rosaryGirl
RosauraOne who is a roseGirl
RoselinaShe who resembles a roseGirl
RyahSpanish name meaning the mouth of a riverGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With S

SabanaShe who is from the open plainGirl
SabeliaName of an ancient tribe in ItalyGirl
SabinoA Sabine person; sober and intellectualUnisex
SafiraSpanish name for sapphireGirl
SagrarioA church, a tabernacleGirl
SalmaShe who brings peaceGirl
SalsaA name of the danceGirl
SaludSpanish for health or cheersGirl
SalutHeath, Cheers. A Spanish wordGirl
SalvatoraShe is the saviorGirl
SalviaA person who redeems, who saves othersGirl
SalvinaA wise woman, a saviorGirl
SanchaSacred, holy and mysterious oneGirl
SancheBlessed oneUnisex
SangayOne who frightens peopleGirl
SanjuanaSaint John; John the apostle in the BibleGirl
SanjuanitaSaint John; John the evangelist, one of the twelve apostlesGirl
SantaOne who is a saintGirl
SantanaA saintly personUnisex
SantidadSpanish word meaning holinessGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With T

TomasinaOne of a twin baby girlGirl
TonaOne who is highly praised and pricelessGirl
TopaciaA jewel or gemstoneGirl
TorhtaTwisted or folded overGirl
TranquillaOne who is tranquil or calmGirl
TrellaThe star of the skyGirl
TriaIn Greek, it refers to the follower of Demeter. In Spanish, it is the count of threeGirl
TrianaIn Sanskrit, it means one who is piercing. In Spanish, it means ThirdGirl
TriniA holy girl, holy trinityGirl
TristessaA hope or the hope to free from sadnessGirl
TulaMountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquilGirl
TuliRefers to a brush which is used to paint anythingUnisex
TuliaRefers to the boundary of beautyGirl
TulliaFeminine form of Tullius (Name of an ancient king)Girl
TulyaBe the same as or correspondedGirl
TyaSister of the father or mother or the wife of uncle, auntGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With V

ValentinaStrong, vigorous, healthyGirl
ValeriaTo be strongGirl
VanesaCroatian form of Vanessa. It means butterflyGirl
VeedaFound, or evidentGirl
VictoriaVictory, conquerGirl
ViktorieVictorious, VictoryGirl
VinitaA variant of Vineeta and means humble or requesterGirl
VivianaOne who is full of lifeGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With X

XantinaLittle saintGirl
XavieraOwner of a new houseGirl
XimenaSpanish form of Simon, meaning “hearkening” or “listening”Girl
XiomaraReady for battleGirl
XoanaFeminine form of Juan, meaning “God is gracious”Girl
XochitlAztec goddess of flowersGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

YeseniaName of a character in a Spanish soap operaGirl
YesseniaA flowerGirl
YsabellaVariant of Isabella, meaning beautifulGirl
YsabelleConsecrated to GodGirl

Spanish Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

ZandraVariant of Alizandra, meaning defender of mankindGirl
ZannaHebrew – Yahweh is Gracious; Yahweh is Merciful; God’s Gift; A variant form of Jane and ZanaGirl
ZantinaLittle saintGirl
ZerlindaBeautiful dawn or beautiful morningGirl


In conclusion, Spanish baby girl names are rich in meaning and heritage. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or unique name, the Spanish language offers a wide variety of beautiful and meaningful options for your little princess. When choosing a name, consider the meaning and significance behind it. We hope this list of the top 1000 Spanish baby girl names with their meanings for 2024 has inspired you to find the perfect name for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some popular Spanish girl names?

Some popular Spanish girl names for 2024 include Isla, Isabella, Lucia, Martina, Valentina, Sofia, Emilia, Camila, Gabriela, and Catalina.

What are some unique Spanish girl names?

Some unique Spanish girl names for 2024 include Adhara, Alba, Amada, Belinda, Cielo, Esperanza, Ines, Luna, Paloma, and Solana.

What do Spanish girl names mean?

Spanish girl names have a wide range of meanings, from island (Isla) to wisdom (Sofia) to hope (Esperanza).

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