Pregnancy Belt – Function, Types and When to Buy ?

Function, Types and When to Buy Pregnancy Belt? - A pregnant woman wearing a maternity belt.
A pregnant woman wearing a maternity belt.

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life and it brings with it a wide range of changes in the body. First and foremost change that is very visible is the weight gain. The growing weight of the baby inside uterus puts lot of strain on woman’s pelvis and lower back and this can result in a bad posture. Bad posture can give rise to low back pain. Pregnancy belt is a special belt that is used to support the growing belly and ease pressure on pelvis and lower back. Let’s go over in details in regards to function, types and when to buy pregnancy belt?

Function of Pregnancy Belt

The main function of these belts is to make the pregnancy easier for the woman. The pregnancy belt wraps around the back and supports the belly by gently lifting it up; this eases the forward and downward pull of the belly which is the main cause of back ache.

Types of Pregnancy Belt

There are basically three types of belts available in the market. The first type is the one that wraps around the back and is fastened under the belly with Velcro. Usually this type of belt is bulky and can be seen under the clothing. The second type of belt is a tube type that can be pulled over the belly and lastly is the camisole type belt which provides the slightest kind of support. Of all three types first type of belt provides maximum support.

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When to Buy?

Any kind of pain or discomfort ha to be first discussed with the doctor and if doctor recommends then one should opt for these belts. Women who are having multiples should defiantly invest in a pregnancy belt for better support. Some women use these belts all day while others use it only when they are exercising or are standing and walking a lot. Whatever the reason, the need has to be first evaluated by the doctor and then only one should start using it.

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