The Ultimate List of 200+ Endearing Names for Grandparents Around the World

Grandparents kissing their grandson

Hey there! 🎉 Welcome to a world sprinkled with sugar, spice, and everything nice – yes, we’re talking about grandparents! Those lovely souls who sneak us cookies when mom isn’t looking and weave magical stories that transport us to faraway lands. But hey, have you ever wondered about the zillion different names they are called by, all around this big, wide world? 🌎 Buckle up, because we’re about to hop on a fun ride through our “Ultimate List of 200+ Names for Grandparents,” exploring the sweet, spicy, and everything in-between names from all corners of the globe!

Imagine this – in the bustling streets of Italy, a little boy calls his grandma ‘Nonna’, while miles away in the serene landscapes of Sweden, a little girl shouts ‘Mormor’ as she runs into her grandma’s arms. From the classic ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa’ to the snazzy ‘Nana’ and ‘Papa’, the names we have for our grandparents are as varied and special as the delicious cookies they make! 🍪

Now, here’s a fun fact to sprinkle some extra excitement: Did you know, in just the United States alone, there are a whopping 70 million grandparents? That’s 70 million warm hugs, countless bedtime stories, and yes, an endless supply of cookies! And guess what? A study by AARP tells us that a jaw-dropping 96% of us will become grandparents too! 🎈

In this cozy corner of ours, we’re not just talking about names. Oh no, we’re going on an adventure, exploring the heartwarming tales, the rich traditions, and the beautiful emotions that are wrapped up in these names. Whether you’re going to be a grandparent soon (congratulations! 🎊) or you’re just here for the fun ride, we promise you stories of love, joy, and a whole lot of warmth, as we wander through names whispered lovingly through generations.

So, grab a cookie, get comfy, and let’s dive into this heartwarming adventure together! 🚀🍪💖

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Here’s a Fun Tip: Next time you’re with your grandparents, ask them what they called their grandparents. You’ll not only learn a new name but oh, the stories you’ll hear, the pictures you’ll see in your mind, and the love you’ll feel in those tales will be something to treasure forever!

200+ Endearing Names for Grandparents Around the World

Let’s explore a variety of grandparent names from around the globe! 🌎

Country/RegionGrandma Name(s)Grandpa Name(s)
Ancient RomeMaterPater
AustraliaGrandma, NanGrandpa, Pop
BangladeshNani (maternal), Dadi (paternal)Nana (maternal), Dada (paternal)
BelgiumGrootmoeder (Flemish), Mamie (French)Grootvader (Flemish), Papy (French)
BrazilVovó, MozãoVovô
ChinaYéyé (paternal), Nǎinai (maternal), Pó Po (Cantonese)Yéyé (paternal), Nǎinai (maternal), Gung Gung (Cantonese)
Costa RicaAbuelitaAbuelito
Czech RepublicBabičkaDědeček
FinlandIsoäiti, Mummo (informal)Isoisä, Ukki (informal)
French CanadianMémèrePépère
GreenlandMormor (maternal)Aanaa
HaitiLele, MemeGranpè, Papi
HawaiiTutu, Tutu WahineKuku Kane, Tutu Kane
HungaryNagymama, Nagyi (informal)Nagyapa, Papa (informal)
India (Hindi)Nani (maternal), Dadi (paternal)Nana (maternal), Dada (paternal)
India (Kannada)AjjiAjja
India (Tamil)PattiThatha
India (Telugu)AmmammaTatayya
IrelandMaimeó (Irish Gaelic), Seanmháthair (formal), Móraí, Mamó (informal)Daideo (Irish Gaelic), Seanathair (formal), Daideo, Daidí (informal)
JamaicaGranny, GrandmaGrandpa
JapanObaasan, Sobo (informal)Ojiisan, Ojīchan (informal)
New ZealandGrandma, NanaGrandpa, Koro (Māori)
Nigeria (Yoruba)MamaBaba
NorwayMormor (maternal), Farmor (paternal)Morfar (maternal), Farfar (paternal), Bestefar
PakistanDadi (Paternal), Nani (Maternal)Dada (Paternal), Nana (Maternal)
Saudi ArabiaJaddahJiddo
SlovakiaStará MamaStarý Otec
South AfricaMakhulu (Xhosa)Khulu (Xhosa)
South Africa (Afrikaans)OumaOupa
SwedenMormor (maternal), Farmor (paternal)Morfar (maternal), Farfar (paternal)
TurkeyAnneanne (Maternal), Babaanne (Paternal)Dede
USAGigi (modern), MeeMaw (Southern)Pops (modern), PawPaw (Southern)

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Modern and Trendy Names For Grandparents (Both Grandma and Grandpa)

  1. Gigi & Poppy
  2. Mimi & Buddy
  3. Nini & Bubba
  4. Lulu & Duke
  5. BeBe & Ace
  6. Fifi & Champs
  7. Titi & Coco
  8. Kiki & Dash
  9. Coco & Fozzie
  10. Lala & Gumpa
  11. Momo & King
  12. Nana & Nono
  13. Pippa & Pappy
  14. Zaza & Skip
  15. Didi & Slick
  16. Bambi & Sparky
  17. Sisi & Tank
  18. Toto & Taz
  19. Bibi & Wiz
  20. Gaga & Ziggy
  21. Mima & BoBo
  22. Lili & Buzz
  23. Vivi & Captain
  24. Faye & Chief
  25. Gemma & Coach
  26. Mia & Grizzly
  27. NeNe & Hawk
  28. CeCe & Jet
  29. JoJo & Mack
  30. Honey & Max
  31. Queenie & Ozzy
  32. Star & Papi
  33. Sunny & Rocco
  34. Bunny & Rocky
  35. Cherry & Skipper
  36. Goldie & Sully
  37. Kitty & Tito
  38. Pebbles & Topper
  39. Sparkle & Zeus
  40. Twinkle & Zorro
  41. Yaya & Bear
  42. Zia & Bingo
  43. Zizi & Bronco
  44. Zuzu & Champ
  45. Lolly & Cubby
  46. Mopsy & Dodger
  47. Pandy & Gadget
  48. Peaches & Grampsy
  49. Pinky & Popsicle
  50. Sweetie & Scout

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celebrity grandparent names

Ellen DeGeneres

Here’s a list of some celebrities along with the adorable names their grandchildren call them:

  1. Goldie Hawn – Glam-ma
  2. Martha Stewart – Martha
  3. Tom Hanks – Pappou
  4. Blythe Danner – Lalo
  5. Lionel Richie – G-Pa
  6. Sally Field – Granny
  7. Sharon Osbourne – Shazza
  8. George W. Bush – Jefe
  9. Queen Elizabeth – Gan-Gan
  10. Donald Trump – Donald
  11. Joan Rivers – Nana New Face
  12. Susan Sarandon – Honey
  13. Charlie Sheen – Pee-Paw
  14. Tina Knowles – Honey
  15. Jane Fonda – Grandma
  16. Steven Tyler – Papa Stevie
  17. Whoopi Goldberg – Oma
  18. Tony Danza – Grandpa
  19. Jim Carrey – Granddaddy Jim
  20. Martin Sheen – Pepe
  21. Naomi Judd – MawMaw
  22. Debbie Reynolds – Aba Dabba
  23. Dolly Parton – Aunt Granny
  24. Caitlyn Jenner – Boom Boom
  25. Kris Jenner – Lovey
  26. Bill Clinton – Poppa Bill
  27. Hillary Clinton – Grandma
  28. Oprah Winfrey – Opra
  29. Mick Jagger – Mick
  30. Paul McCartney – Grandude
  31. Elton John – Papa
  32. Ringo Starr – Ringo
  33. Ozzy Osbourne – Papa
  34. Billy Crystal – Papa
  35. Michael Douglas – Deda
  36. Catherine Zeta-Jones – ZeeZee
  37. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Opa
  38. Maria Shriver – Bamaw
  39. Nicole Kidman – Grandma
  40. Keith Urban – Granddad
  41. Celine Dion – Mémé
  42. Loretta Lynn – Memaw
  43. Reba McEntire – Reba
  44. Kathie Lee Gifford – Gigi
  45. Hoda Kotb – Hoda
  46. Regis Philbin – Regis
  47. Kelly Ripa – Kelly
  48. Ryan Seacrest – Ryan
  49. Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen
  50. Portia de Rossi – Portia

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Exploring Grandparent Names and Traditions Across Cultures

1. India: The Wisdom of Ajji and Ajja

In Karnataka, India, the tales narrated by “Ajji” (grandmother) often revolve around clever animals and moral lessons. A popular story is about a clever crow solving problems to quench its thirst, symbolizing the importance of intelligence and resourcefulness. These stories, often told while enjoying traditional snacks like “unde” (a sweet ball made of rice, jaggery, and coconut), create a cozy atmosphere that nurtures both the stomach and the soul.

2. Italy: Nonna’s Kitchen Secrets

Italian “Nonnas” are renowned for their culinary skills, especially in making pasta. A heartwarming tradition in many Italian families is the making of “tortellini,” a special type of pasta often prepared during festive seasons. Nonna typically prepares the dough, while the grandchildren assist in shaping the pasta, creating a lively and loving assembly line that is as much about creating delicious meals as it is about bonding and soaking in timeless culinary traditions.

3. Japan: Obaasan’s Tender Lullabies

“Obaasan” (grandmother) in Japan might sing a lullaby known as “Itsuki no Komoriuta,” which speaks of a young girl’s experiences while babysitting. The lullaby, originating from the Itsuki village, is not just a gentle melody but also a narrative of past lifestyles, providing a soothing yet insightful peek into the cultural and historical aspects of Japanese society, all while the grandchild drifts into peaceful sleep.

4. Ghana: Nana’s Naming Ceremony

In Ghana, the “outdooring” ceremony performed by “Nana” is often accompanied by symbolic rituals, such as the baby being given a taste of honey, water, and salt, representing life’s sweetness, purity, and hardships. The grandparent, by performing this ritual, is seen as guiding the child through these symbolic experiences, ensuring they are spiritually and culturally connected to their roots.

5. Russia: Babushka’s Fairytales

“Babushka” in Russia might tell tales of “Baba Yaga,” a mythical witch-like character who is both feared and respected. While she is known to challenge those who seek her, she also rewards individuals who showcase bravery and wit. Through these tales, Babushka imparts lessons about courage, respect for elders, and the importance of cleverness, often while enjoying “blini” (Russian pancakes) together, symbolizing warmth and togetherness.

6. Native American Tribes: The Spiritual Guides

In Native American tribes, grandparents might share the “Story of the Corn,” where corn is not just a staple food but also a symbol of life and prosperity. Grandparents, while sharing stories, might engage grandchildren in activities like beadwork or pottery, embedding spiritual and cultural lessons through both tales and hands-on activities, ensuring a holistic and engaging learning experience.

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some unique and interesting ideas to help connect with your grandparents

Maintaining and enhancing the connection with grandparents is truly precious. Here are some unique and interesting ideas to help connect with your grandparents:

1. Virtual Travel Together:

  • Choose a country or city you’d both like to visit.
  • Research and plan a virtual trip together, exploring online museums, watching documentaries, or cooking a traditional meal from that place.

2. Storytelling Podcast:

  • Create a podcast where your grandparents share stories from their past.
  • You can be the host, and it can be a beautiful archive of their experiences and wisdom.

3. Cooking Across Generations:

  • Start a cooking blog or YouTube channel together.
  • Share family recipes, cook “together” via video call, and document the process.

4. Digital Scrapbooking:

  • Create a digital scrapbook that includes photos, audio clips, and videos from both of you.
  • Use it as a dynamic, evolving memory book that can be shared with family and friends.

5. Letter Exchange with a Twist:

  • Send letters or emails back and forth, but add a unique element like including a small puzzle, riddle, or a piece of artwork in each correspondence.

6. Gardening Together, Apart:

  • Choose a plant or flower to grow in your respective homes.
  • Share updates, photos, and perhaps even save seeds to exchange in the future.

7. Ancestry Exploration:

  • Explore your family tree together, sharing stories about relatives, and perhaps discovering new ones.
  • Consider doing a DNA ancestry test together and exploring the results.

8. Crafting for Causes:

  • Choose a cause you both care about and create crafts (like knitting blankets, making candles, etc.) that can be sold to raise money for that cause.

9. Book Club for Two:

  • Choose a book to read together and have your own private book club discussions.
  • Perhaps choose books that might help you learn more about each other’s generations.

10. Shared Playlist:

  • Create a shared playlist where you both add your favorite songs.
  • Discuss the songs during your calls, sharing why they’re meaningful to you.

11. Fitness Challenge:

  • Engage in a friendly fitness challenge, like who can walk the most steps in a week.
  • Share tips and cheer each other on.

12. Art from the Heart:

  • Engage in a continuous art project, like a painting or quilt that you send back and forth, each adding elements to it.
  • Once it’s complete, it will be a physical representation of your connected creativity.

13. Recipe Development:

  • Try to create a new recipe together, experimenting with ingredients and techniques.
  • Name the dish something fun that represents your relationship.

14. Virtual Star Gazing:

  • Choose a night to look at the stars while on a call together.
  • You can use apps to identify constellations and share stories or thoughts under the night sky.

15. Joint Journaling:

  • Maintain a shared digital journal where you both write your thoughts, experiences, and share photos.
  • It can be a beautiful way to stay connected and involved in each other’s lives.

16. Language Learning:

  • Choose a new language to learn together.
  • Practice conversations, watch movies in that language, and explore its culture together.

17. DIY Time Capsule:

  • Create time capsules that you will exchange and open at a future date.
  • Include letters, mementos, and little treasures that reflect your current life.

18. Custom Calendar Creation:

  • Create a custom calendar together, choosing photos, quotes, and significant dates.
  • Share the calendar with family members as a heartfelt gift.

19. Skill Swap:

  • Teach each other something new, like a skill or hobby.
  • It could be anything from a magic trick, a recipe, a craft, or a tech skill.

20. Documentary Making:

  • Make a mini-documentary where your grandparents are the stars.
  • Include interviews, day-in-the-life footage, and narrations of their stories and experiences.

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So,what’s your grandparent name? These are not just words; they’re a bundle of memories, stories, and traditions from all around the world! 🌟 From the snowy landscapes of Norway to the sunny coasts of Spain, each name carries with it a unique tale of love, warmth, and family. So, let’s keep exploring and celebrating the beautiful diversity in how we call the special grandparents in our lives! 🎉💖

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