What Are 2 Best Female Sex Pills?

What Are the Best Female Sex Pills? Sensual foreplay by cute couple in bedroom
Sensual foreplay by cute couple in bedroom

There is no doubt that men are having every luxury in life from building their physique in an ideal way to enhance their sexuality.

Issues like erectile dysfunction are not bothersome for men anymore as many sex pills like Viagra can completely treat lack of erection.

When Viagra was introduced, it changed the lives of so many men who were disappointed with their sexual performance and so did their partners.

Having said that, men are taking all the perks even when it comes to sexual enhancement. Women can also suffer from various sexual dysfunction, which only after 2010 was studied in detail.

We are briefly going to tell you about various sexual problems that occur in women and how to choose the best female sex pills in order to solve them.

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Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Before some years, there was so little data available about female sexual dysfunction as the scientific researchers were more inclined towards men sex issues.

Sexual problems amongst women are not fake, but they happened for a real-time same as men.

Although the female issues about not having proper sex is a little bit different than men’s, but overall they experience the same calamities in sustaining their relationship.

Some of the most commons sexual problems in women are:

1. Low Libido

The term libido means “sex drive” of an individual. In case of women, low libido is a condition where they do not get sexual impulse from down there.

There are many cases where women subjected to have sex and some women complained about total inhibition of sex drive.

Women who are 30-70 years old are more susceptible to low libido due to multiple factors. It is also referred as hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

About 27% women who are near to their menopause, suffer from lack of sex drive while who have already undergone menopause are more prone to it.

2. Anorgasmia

Orgasm is the climax point of every sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, some women are unable to achieve it no matter how they try.

Anorgasmia is a common sexual dysfunction, in which women cannot get wet or cum which gets troublesome at times.

This affects men and women in the same way, as without an orgasm, sex is another physical useless activity.

It is important to keep your vaginal area stimulated during sexual intercourse. Other than that, sometimes it requires extra stimulating effort to achieve an orgasm.

In the US, about 15-20% of women have sex without expectancy of an orgasm, which we guess is quite depressing.

3. Pain During Sex

Painful intercourse (dyspareunia) is another woman sexual dysfunction, which is affecting a large population of females around the globe.

The term is easily understood, meaning women feel pain every time they have sex.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducted a study where they found out that about 7.5% of women who are sexually active goes through this painful situation.

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Best Female Sex Pills and Libido Enhancers

Men like women who are sexually charged and active, actually they love it.

Which is why every woman is striving to satisfy their partners in bed, even though they go through so many hormonal changes and medical conditions.

To avoid these sex issues and jeopardizing your relationship, many sex pills have been made for sexual arousal and enhanced sexual performance.

Some herbs which can be beneficial to maintain your hormonal imbalance are yohimbine, gingko biloba, and ginseng.

There are dozens of female enhancement pills which claim to give you 100% satisfaction in sex, not just for you, but it will certainly make your partner remember it forever.

Every female libido enhancer claims quite bigger things than they normally do, but still, we got to be cautious as thousands of scams are running online.

Let us help you find the best sex pills for women and points which you need to keep in mind while choosing them.

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How to Choose the Best Female Sex Pills?

1. Provestra (Female Libido Enhancer Pills)

2. Vigorelle (Female Sexual Enhancement Gel)

Before you go to purchase any kind of sex pills, know that it must be up to these standards.

  • The Manufacturer should be active inline or has a reputable name
  • What type of ingredients they use?
  • Does it have real customer reviews?
  • Clinical testing evidence about the product
  • Are they offering a money-back guarantee?
  • Side Effects
  • Does it have an official web page?

What are Best Female Sex Pills?

Usually, we put more than 2 products when we talk about women’s health, but when it comes to their sexual health, we can only suggest these two female enhancement products which have been in the market for years and have got enough of women’s trust.

1. Provestra


In the realm of female enhancement products, Provestra ranked number 1st in the last 5 years.

Provestra, according to many women health experts, is the most effective form of female libido enhancer available in the market.

The supplement is a combination of some very useful natural herbs which works by stimulating sexual impulse in women and promote vaginal lubrication.

Dryness during sex is a nightmare for women, which is caused by lack of blood supply.

Hop Extract in Provestra keeps your vagina lubricated and soft, while niacin improves blood supply to the vaginal cells, which increases sex drive as you get touched.

Upon 1 week of Provestra dose, women experienced intensified orgasm with increased mood elevation. Certain plant extracts in Provestra help your mind to release more dopamine, which is basically a hormone of happiness and to improve sexual traits.

Every ingredient in Provestra works as an aphrodisiac which is 100% clinically tested and FDA approved.

The price for Provestra is relatively affordable than any sex enhancers for women, and they also offer 67 days money back guarantee which makes them even more trustworthy.

Not just it, but a 1-month free trial package of Provestra will let you try it for a month and then see if you are willing to purchase it.

2. Vigorelle

vigorelle 1

For those women, who are allergic to the oral supplements or somehow gets scared due to the side effects, Vigorelle sexual enhancement cream is the treatment of choice.

The unique thing about Vigorelle is that it is available in a cream form which user can apply topically.

A single massage of Vigorelle cream on your vaginal skin can induce sexual feelings along with the most orgasmic situation you have ever been in.

Some users say, it is the best choice for women who get wet too fast. The herbal formula of Vigorelle keep their vaginal muscles intact for a long period of time and every penile penetration will keep your passion elevated.

Not to mention, the product is specially designed to enhance female libido and sex drive.

Like Provestra, Vigorelle has somehow the same mechanism of action, i.e., increase blood supply to the vaginal area, but there is something extra.

The cream works as a rejuvenating agent which increases the amount of pleasure by tightening vaginal wall.

Peppermint oil in Vigorelle cream exhibits soothing effects in your vagina, which is best to avoid a painful condition during sex.

Customer reviews of Vigorelle are 95% positive which makes it one of the demanding female enhancement product.

Many women shared their personal experience about how it used to feel like having sex with no sign of sensations, Vigorelle certainly enhanced their sexual experience drastically that now they are more than just happy.

Where To Buy These Female Libido Enhancers?

Any woman, who wishes to take a step to change her sexual life, can order Provestra or Vigorelle online.

If you are still confused on choosing, checkout Provestra vs Vigorelle to get best result.

But you need to stay cautious and only purchase it from the official source because there are also many products available by the name of Provestra.

Do not fool yourself with the fake product and only visit the official source for any query.

Final Verdict

For any couple, having an amazing orgasm in bed is a prerequisite which many women sometimes cannot deliver.

Women who have lost their sex drive for a long time and wants to live those moments back, we suggest these 2 best female sex pills (Provestra, Vigorelle) as they can help you get there.

Amongst hundreds of female sex pills, we found the above-mentioned products 100% safe and effective in terms of delivering the best possible outcomes.

Both of their formulas are derived from the herbal source, so there is no need to worry about annoying side effects which normally every sex drug holds.

Many experts in female reproductive health science endorsed Provestra and Vigorelle for treating the condition “Anorgasmia” in women.

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