Is Dupixent Safe In Pregnancy?

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Dupixent is a medication that has gained significant attention for its effectiveness in treating various inflammatory conditions. However, one pressing question that often arises is Dupixent safe in pregnancy. Pregnancy is a delicate period in a woman’s life, and any medication taken during this time can potentially affect both the mother and the developing fetus. In this comprehensive article on PregnancyBoss, we will delve into the safety of Dupixent during pregnancy, exploring the available research, expert opinions, and real-world experiences of women who have used the medication while expecting.

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Key Takeaways

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s summarize some of the key takeaways regarding the safety of Dupixent in pregnancy:

  • Dupixent is generally not recommended for use during pregnancy due to limited data on its safety.
  • Pregnant women should discuss the potential risks and benefits of Dupixent with their healthcare provider.
  • There have been reports of women who have used Dupixent during pregnancy without apparent adverse effects, but caution is advised.
  • Women of childbearing age should use effective contraception while on Dupixent to prevent unintended pregnancies.

Now, let’s explore these points in more detail.

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Understanding Dupixent

Dupixent, also known by its generic name dupilumab, is a biologic medication that is primarily used to treat conditions such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), asthma, and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis. It works by targeting specific proteins in the body that are involved in the inflammatory response.

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Is Dupixent Safe In Pregnancy?

One of the main challenges in assessing the safety of Dupixent during pregnancy is the limited amount of data available. Clinical trials for medications typically exclude pregnant women, which means there is a lack of controlled studies specifically designed to evaluate the effects of Dupixent on pregnant women and their developing fetuses.

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Expert Opinions

Due to the lack of controlled studies, healthcare providers often rely on expert opinions and available data from animal studies to make recommendations regarding the use of Dupixent during pregnancy. While animal studies have raised some concerns about potential risks to fetal development, it’s important to note that results from animal studies do not always directly translate to human outcomes.

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Real-World Experiences

Despite the limited data, there have been instances where pregnant women with certain severe inflammatory conditions have continued using Dupixent under the guidance of their healthcare providers. Some have reported no adverse effects on their pregnancies or their babies, while others have expressed concerns and opted to discontinue the medication during pregnancy.

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Risks and Benefits Discussion

When a pregnant woman has a condition that requires treatment with Dupixent, healthcare providers face a challenging decision. They must weigh the potential risks of using the medication against the benefits of controlling the underlying inflammatory condition. Uncontrolled inflammation during pregnancy can also pose risks to both the mother and the fetus.

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Effective Contraception

For women of childbearing age who are prescribed Dupixent, it is crucial to use effective contraception methods unless they are actively trying to conceive. Given the uncertainties surrounding the medication’s safety during pregnancy, preventing unintended pregnancies is a responsible step to take.

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Real-World Data

While controlled clinical trials involving pregnant women are lacking, some real-world data is beginning to emerge. Various healthcare organizations and registries are collecting information on women who have used Dupixent during pregnancy, and this data will contribute to our understanding of the medication’s safety in this context.

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Tables with Relevant Facts

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Let’s take a look at some relevant facts regarding Dupixent and pregnancy:

Dupixent category during pregnancyCategory B – No adequate human studies; animal studies show some risk, but benefits may outweigh potential risks in certain cases.
Risk factorsThe risks associated with Dupixent use during pregnancy may vary depending on the specific condition being treated.
Monitoring during pregnancyPregnant women who continue using Dupixent may require additional monitoring to assess fetal development.
Patient experiencesSome women have reported using Dupixent during pregnancy without apparent adverse effects, but individual experiences vary.


In conclusion, the safety of Dupixent during pregnancy remains a topic of ongoing research and discussion. Due to the limited data available, healthcare providers face a challenging decision when considering its use in pregnant women with severe inflammatory conditions. It is essential for pregnant women to have open and thorough discussions with their healthcare providers to weigh the potential risks and benefits of Dupixent in their individual situations.

While some women have used Dupixent during pregnancy without apparent harm to themselves or their babies, caution is advised, and healthcare providers should closely monitor pregnancies involving the use of this medication. Effective contraception is also crucial for women of childbearing age who are prescribed Dupixent. As new data emerges and our understanding of Dupixent’s safety in pregnancy evolves, healthcare guidelines may be updated to provide clearer recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dupixent safe to use during pregnancy?

There is limited data on Dupixent’s safety during pregnancy. It is generally not recommended for use during pregnancy due to this lack of information.

What should I do if I’m pregnant and taking Dupixent?

If you discover you are pregnant while taking Dupixent, it is essential to inform your healthcare provider immediately. They can assess your individual situation and guide you on the best course of action.

Can Dupixent harm my baby if I use it during pregnancy?

While there have been reports of women who have used Dupixent during pregnancy without apparent harm to their babies, the limited data makes it challenging to draw definitive conclusions. The potential risks should be discussed with your healthcare provider.

Are there alternative treatments for my condition if I’m pregnant?

Depending on your specific condition and its severity, your healthcare provider may explore alternative treatment options that are considered safer during pregnancy.

Should I stop using Dupixent if I’m planning to become pregnant?

If you are planning to become pregnant, it is advisable to discuss your treatment plan with your healthcare provider. They can help you make informed decisions regarding medication adjustments or alternatives.

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