24 Must-Have Pregnancy Apps To Download During Pregnancy

20 Must-Have Pregnancy Apps To Download During Pregnancy

Okay, so you peep that positive pregnancy test and have your initial freakout, naturally. What comes next? Yup, the obligatory downloading spree of pregnancy tracker apps. It’s like a rite of passage for moms-to-be, right? You’ll sift through baby names, scout for the perfect baby shower presents, but let’s be real, these apps become your ride-or-die.

Are these apps even safe to use anymore? According to experts, it’s a mixed bag, depending on where you’re at and how they handle your deets. “If you’re in a state eyeing abortion bans, you better scrutinize which app you cozy up to,” she advises.

Sad truth? Most pregnancy apps out there are data hoarders or worse, data hawkers. We know Facebook’s shady game, right? Selling off your personal bits to anti-abortion squads. And hey, no one wants to think about pregnancy going south, but if it does, it’s smart to ditch the app, especially if you’re in a place where losing a pregnancy could land you in hot water legally.

Since finding a data-respectful pregnancy app is like hunting for a unicorn, some moms dodge the digital wave and stick to pen and paper. Others? They get sneaky, using fake names, fudging due dates, or just feeding the bare minimum to protect their privacy. Whichever route floats your boat—whether you’re upfront, incognito, or off the app grid—remember, you call the shots. Your doc can dish out baby size comparisons sans app, no sweat.

But hey, these apps can be handy guides, especially for rookie moms, says ob-gyn Andrea Gekas. She ain’t wrong—there’s an app jungle out there. Andrea Gekas reckons sticking to reputable ones, like ACOG’s app (top dog on our list), is the way to go. They dish out the real deal on due dates, medical jazz, you name it. Oh, and watch out for those trying to sell you stuff or peddle bogus fetal heart rate monitors—ain’t nobody got time for that.

To keep your preggo brain in check (seriously, it’s a thing), Andrea Gekas suggests snagging an app with a neat calendar for appointments, embryo basics, and tracks for your mood, grub, and hydration.

Now, let’s get one thing straight—these apps ain’t stand-ins for real medical care. “Your doc’s the guru here, not some app,” warns Andrea Gekas. So yeah, use ’em to log symptoms or jot down memories, but don’t be skipping appointments or ignoring red flags. When in doubt, dial up your doc. But if you just wanna keep tabs on baby’s first kicks or indulge in weird craving research, these apps can be your daily sidekick through this rollercoaster ride called pregnancy. Just remember—they’re like the side dish, your doc’s the main course, got it?

In this article, we’ll explore 24 must-have pregnancy apps to download during pregnancy.

24 Must-Have Pregnancy Apps To Download During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tracker Apps

Pregnancy tracker apps are a must-have for expecting mothers. These apps allow you to track everything from your baby’s development, to your symptoms, to creating a birth plan. Some of the most popular pregnancy tracking apps include:


A1COG: This app is tailor-made for docs and members of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It’s like a treasure trove of the latest, most accurate info on pregnancy and birth. They serve up scientific articles hot off the press, so yeah, it might read like Greek if you’re not in the med game. But hey, if you’re scratching your head over something, best buzz your doc for clarity.

  • 4.9 stars over 5.9K ratings on iOS
  • 4.6 stars over 336 ratings on Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

What to Expect: This super popular pregnancy tracking app lets you keep tabs on your baby’s growth with cool visual comparisons like fruits. I mean, who’s busting out a ruler and scale to measure their 11-week-old fetus, right? 0.25 oz.? What even is that? But hey, when they say it’s the size of a lime, now we’re talking!

  • 4.9 stars over 330.2K ratings for iOS
  • 4.7 stars over 107K ratings for Android

Get it for free on IOS and ANDROID


Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: This pregnancy tracker makes it a breeze to monitor your baby’s growth, track those pregnancy symptoms, snap belly pics, and even shoot anonymous questions to fellow parents in the Community section. Say goodbye to wondering if you’re the only one sprouting crazy nipple hair! Plus, you can log your prenatal vitamin intake with ease. And hey, while you can stick to the classic fruit comparisons for baby’s growth, why not switch it up and go for “Parisian Bakery”? Ever wondered how big your baby is in croissants or baguettes? Now you can find out. C’est chic!

  • 4.9 stars over 95.2K ratings for iOS
  • 4.5 stars over 145K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


The Bump: If you’re feeling like all the other pregnancy apps are just melting into one big blur, The Bump will definitely grab your attention. This charmingly vibrant app not only tracks your baby’s growth but also serves up helpful articles and resources, including recipes, to reassure you that you’ve got this all under wraps.

  • 4.8 stars over 31.6K ratings for iOS
  • 4.9 stars over 34.4K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


BabyCenter: BabyCenter is another comprehensive app that provides week-by-week updates on fetal development, along with a kick counter, contraction timer, prenatal care reminders, and more. It also offers forums to connect with other moms and get expert advice.

  • 4.9 stars over 226.6K ratings for iOS
  • 4.7 stars over 1.46M ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

These apps make it easy to stay on top of your pregnancy journey. Their due date calculators, symptom trackers, fetal development information, and other tools help provide reassurance and prepare you for motherhood. Downloading a few top-rated pregnancy tracker apps can give you peace of mind during this exciting time.

Contraction Timers

Tracking and timing contractions is one of the most important things an expecting mother can do as she approaches her due date. By carefully timing and recording contractions, mothers can determine when they should head to the hospital to deliver their baby. This can help avoid showing up too early and being sent home, or showing up too late and delivering in the car!

Contraction timer apps use the clock on your phone to allow you to press a button to start and stop timing each contraction. This provides an accurate record of how long each contraction lasted and how far apart they are. The best contraction timer apps also allow you to record additional notes about each contraction.

Two of the best highly rated contraction timer apps are:

Contraction Timer Counter 9m

Contraction Timer and Counter 9m: This app lets you time contractions by pressing a large start/stop button. It calculates the time between contractions automatically to tell you how far apart they are. You can also enter notes on each contraction.

  • 4.8 stars over 50.4K ratings for iOS
  • 4.8 stars over 64K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

full term

Full Term: This app graphs your contractions so you can see patterns over time. There is also a kick counter and you can share your data with your doctor.

  • 4.2 stars over 456 ratings for Android

Available for free on ANDROID

Timing those critical contractions with a good app can give expecting mothers valuable data to know just when it’s time to head to the hospital and meet their new baby!

Pregnancy Journal Apps

Journaling during pregnancy can provide many benefits for expecting mothers. Writing down thoughts, feelings, symptoms, and milestones can help process the huge life change that comes with having a baby. Journaling allows pregnant women to reflect on the experience, track their pregnancy journey, and create a keepsake for their future child. Here are some top journaling apps for pregnant women:

Day One Journal

Day One is one of the most popular journaling apps for iPhone and iPad. It provides a private place to write thoughts and add photos, videos, locations, weather, and more. Entries are securely stored in the cloud and can be easily searched and organized. Day One offers features like photo import, passcode lock, and automatic backups.

  • 4.8 stars over 98.4K ratings for iOS
  • 4.5 stars over 13.1K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


280days is a pregnancy record and diary app that allows you to further enjoy your pregnancy. Enjoy creating pregnancy records and diary entries as a couple and share information on the baby’s condition and Mommy’s physical condition with each other. The pregnancy records you created can be exported as a book later. You can thereby preserve your priceless memories saved in 280days in a single book

  • 4.8 stars over 366 ratings for iOS
  • 4.0 stars over 39.8K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

Baby Book Milestones

Baby Book Milestones: BabyPage simplifies the completion of baby books, pregnancy journals, and child memory books, ensuring no precious memories are lost. Easily document each stage of your child’s journey with personalized content and photos. Pregnancy milestones are auto-generated, and you can customize pages with illustrations. Create memory books for any age or occasion with custom pages.

  • 4.8 stars over 3.9K ratings for iOS

Available for free on IOS

Pregnancy journal apps can be a valuable tool for expecting mothers to stay organized, informed, and connected throughout their pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy Meditation Apps

Meditation provides numerous benefits for expecting mothers. The practice can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression during pregnancy. It also promotes better sleep, which is especially critical as sleep disturbances become more common in the third trimester. Meditation may even help manage some unpleasant symptoms like nausea and back pain.

Some of the top meditation apps for pregnancy include:


Headspace: This app offers hundreds of guided meditations, including many focused on pregnancy. It provides meditations for relaxation, sleep, anxiety, morning sickness, and more. The “pregnancy pack” provides specific support for each trimester.

  • 4.8 stars over 1M ratings for iOS
  • 4.4 stars over 315K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


Calm: Calm is another excellent meditation app with guided sessions on gratitude, managing stress, sleep, and focus. It also has soothing music, sleep stories, and pregnancy-related meditations like “Bonding with Baby.”

  • 4.8 stars over 1.8M ratings for iOS
  • 4.3 stars over 566K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

insigh timer

Insight Timer: This free app has over 200,000 guided meditations on various topics. Under pregnancy, there are meditations for conception, each trimester, birth preparation, and motherhood. The app also has music tracks, talks, and programs specific to pregnancy.

  • 4.9 stars over 403.7K ratings for iOS
  • 4.7 stars over 226K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

Regular meditation, even just 5-10 minutes per day, can make a significant difference for expecting mothers. These apps make it easy to access meditations tailored to the unique needs and experiences of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Workout Apps

Staying active during pregnancy is incredibly important for both mom and baby. Regular exercise can help prevent excess weight gain, back pain, constipation, swelling, and gestational diabetes. It can also improve your mood, energy levels, sleep quality, and posture.

When it comes to workout apps, there are several great options for pregnant women:


FitOn – This free app offers hundreds of pregnancy-safe workouts including cardio, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and more. You can filter classes by trimester and adjust intensity.

  • 4.5 stars over 96.1K ratings for iOS
  • 4.9 stars over 282.6K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


Sworkit – For a few dollars per month, you get customized prenatal workout plans as well as yoga, Pilates, cardio, and strength training classes. There are options for all fitness levels.

  • 4.7 stars over 29.2K ratings for iOS
  • 4.0 stars over 112K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


Baby2Body – Specifically designed for pregnant and postpartum women, this app provides workout videos led by prenatal fitness experts. There are programs for each trimester and recovering after birth.

  • 4.7 stars over 5.3K ratings for iOS
  • 4.2 stars over 259 ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

The key is finding pregnancy-safe moves that make you feel good. Always listen to your body and talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine while expecting. With the right apps, staying active can be easy, fun and comfortable during this special time.

Pregnancy Nutrition Apps

Eating well during pregnancy is extremely important for the health of both mother and baby. A mother’s diet provides all of the nutrients a baby needs to develop properly, so it is essential that she consumes a variety of healthy foods. Additionally, a balanced diet can reduce some common pregnancy symptoms like nausea, constipation, and fatigue.

There are many great apps available to help pregnant women eat right during this special time. Two of the most useful are:

pregnancy plus

Pregnancy+: Pregnancy+ offers personalized nutrition advice based on your due date. It provides meal plans, recipes, and a food diary to track what you eat. The app also sends reminders to take prenatal vitamins and drink water. Its best feature is the ability to chat with a registered dietitian if you have questions.

  • 4.8 stars over 62.7K ratings for iOS
  • 4.5 stars over 2.66M ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


Mylo Pregnancy & Parenting App: Trusted by over 10 million users, Mylo is India’s top Pregnancy & Parenting App. From preparing for parenthood to conception, pregnancy, and navigating early parenting, Mylo guides you through every step. Whether you’re concerned about your baby’s growth or developmental milestones, Mylo is your ultimate resource for all your parenting queries.

  • 4.5 stars over 64K ratings for iOS
  • 4.6 stars over 176K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

Eating well during pregnancy does take effort and planning. However, the right nutrition apps can simplify the process and help you set your baby up for long-term health. Consult your doctor and try one of these useful tools today!

Money Management Apps

Being pregnant often comes with new expenses, from doctor visits and tests to baby gear and supplies. It’s important for expecting mothers to get their finances in order. Budgeting apps can help track spending, find ways to save money, and plan for upcoming costs.


Mint: Mint is a popular free app that connects to bank accounts and credit cards to automatically track income, bills, and spending. Users can set budgets for categories like food, entertainment, and baby items. Mint sends alerts when you’re nearing budget limits.

  • 4.8 stars over 794.3 ratings for iOS

Available for free on IOS


You Need a Budget (YNAB): YNAB also auto-imports transactions and has easy budgeting features. Users “give each dollar a job” by allocating income into categories. The app encourages living on last month’s income and planning ahead. YNAB costs money but offers a free trial.

  • 4.8 stars over 49.7K ratings for iOS
  • 3.6 stars over 17.7K ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


Albert: Albert is an intelligent app that analyzes spending and makes personalized recommendations to save money. It can transfer funds between accounts to help users reach goals. Albert has bill negotiations, investment accounts, and other premium features for a fee.

  • 4.6 stars over 171.4K ratings for iOS
  • 3.6 stars over 30 ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID

Tracking expenses and sticking to a realistic budget during pregnancy can reduce stress. These apps make it simple to see where money is going and how to afford what baby needs.

Registry Apps

A baby registry is an essential tool for expectant parents to help them prepare for their new arrival. A registry allows you to select products like clothes, furniture, strollers, car seats, and more that you’ll need for your baby. Then, you can share your registry with friends and family so they can purchase those items for you.

Registries are great because they help prevent duplicate gifts and allow you to get exactly what you need. They also give friends and family gift ideas within your budget.

Some top registry apps for expecting mothers include:


BabyList: This app lets you add products from any store. You can add gifts from big retailers as well as small businesses. You can even add older items you already own or DIY projects.

  • 4.9 stars over 97.3K ratings for iOS

Available for free on IOS

Amazon 1

Amazon Baby Registry: If you plan to get a lot of your gear from Amazon, their registry app makes it easy. It includes a scanner to quickly add items to your list and provides discounts.

  • 4.8 stars over 7.9M ratings for iOS
  • 4.0 stars over 9.18 ratings for Android

Available for free on IOS and ANDROID


Target Baby Registry: Create a registry directly through Target’s app. It includes a barcode scanner, checklist builder, and you get a free gift bag.

  • 4.9 stars over 5.6M ratings for iOS

Available for free on IOS

Registries take the stress out of getting prepared for baby’s arrival. With a useful registry app, you can easily curate and share your must-have new baby essentials.


The journey of pregnancy and motherhood is filled with so many unknowns, questions, and new experiences. Having the right apps by your side can provide invaluable support, knowledge and peace of mind along the way.

The apps covered in this article allow you to track your baby’s development, connect with other moms, manage symptoms, get the right nutrition, exercise safely, and be as prepared as possible for labor, delivery and beyond. While each app serves a different purpose, they all have one common goal – to make your pregnancy a little easier and to get you one step closer to meeting your baby.

At the end of the day, nothing can fully prepare you for motherhood or the magical chaos that comes with a new little life. But by arming yourself with information and self-care through pregnancy apps, you can feel more empowered, confident and ready to take on this next chapter in your life. The experience of growing a human is truly remarkable. Trust in your body, allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help when you need it. Stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel – the first time your baby is placed in your arms. That moment will make it all worth it.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used. We may earn a commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase.

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